Glenn Beck, 9.24.2010; The Nazis And Hitler As God

Glenn breaks down the separation of chuch and state, and then shows how Hitler replaced God in Nazi Germany, but stops short of what Hitler actually believed because most people wouldn't even look at the evidence to prove to themselves that it was real. They would just say, "conspiracy theorists", tune out, and then it will be too late. Related: The following information is broad brush strokes as the historical content will require subsequent posts to grasp the entirety of the Theosophical movement.  This is the linkage that Glenn has left out; wandering the labyrinth from Adolph Hitler to the…
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Glenn Beck, 2.4.2010: Iran And It’s Meaning In Farsi

Iran just launched a missile into space.  Glenn covers the implications that the MSM is dropping from the lead.    It may seem a bit over the top, but stay with it because the connections between Iran and Hitler are unbelievable. And no, I am not giving it away here. Part 2: Part 3, Professor of Physics at UC Berkley, Richard Muller on Iran's capability to launch a nuclear warhead: Part 4 - Word Play, Vague Terms, and Progressivism:, Part 5, the internet will be their downfall (Always Get Tape!): Part 6, Donna Hearne of ConstitutionalCoalition.org on the 21 Conference: Part…
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Glenn Beck Debuts “Live Free Or Die”, 1.22.2010

Hold onto your hats folks, and wrap your heads in duct tape - here we go. (Refresh to see new segments as they are added.) Everyone give TheRightScoop some love for continuing to put up Glenn's shows in their entirety each and every day. Also, for those that want to see the show unsegmented, go here after 7pm est. Glenn has bios of the interviewees on his site, here. Part 2, Hitler, Marx and Stalin: Part 3, Ukraine Murder by Starvation: Part 4, Che - Cold blooded killer: Part 5, the reality of personal tragedy. How would you like to…
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