Obligatory H1N1 National Emergency Post (UPDATED CDC Misinformation)

I’m irritated.  I am sick of this government trying to make another emergency out of a possible crisis, and now the media is piling on.

This would be my obligatory post about Obama declaring a national emergency due to the outbreak(?) of swine flu in millions(?), while the media is now telling us that there are fewer doses of the vaccine than was originally thought in hopes of people jumping the fence and deciding to have live virus sprayed up their and their childrens’ noses over a bug that is considered milder than the seasonal flu.

Frakkin’ Please!

If you have had swine flu or know of someone who has had swine flu – let me know – because I just do not believe it.  I just checked the population of my island, somewhere over 200,000 and I have yet TO HEAR OF SOMEONE CONTRACTING SWINE FLU here, and this place is a total incubator because of the tourists coming from every corner of the world.  I should know; I was sick, continuously,  for the first 9 months I lived here.

As for a national emergency, I thought we were still under a national emergency since 9.11.2001 – and it has never been lifted; we just forgot about it.

Okay – rant over – I’m going back to writing scholarship essays…

UPDATE: Just found this CBS Piece about the actual swine flu and the CDC. BWWWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!


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