H.R. 3438

H.R. 2520; Another Republican Healthcare Bill You Will Never Hear About

Alan Grayson is too stupid to serve the American people.  According to Grayson (D-FL), the republicans have no healthcare reform bills being put forward.  He has stated that their plan is to have Americans "die quickly" if they get sick.  Which means, that Grayson is either lying about the republicans, or he is too stupid to know that there are at least two bills in committee that are much more palatable, and tremendously less expensive than the government-run public option that Nancy and the liberals dems are trying to cram down our throats with it's un-Constitutional mandates, fines, and/or jail…
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The Health Care Bill You Will NEVER Hear About, H.R. 3438

For all of those out there that are screaming that we need a government run health care plan or a single payer public option, here is the bill you will never hear about because it is VERY SIMPLE; our non-reps. would be able to read it without even requiring a lawyer or a bathroom break, and holy bejesus Batman, it makes complete sense.  If you are not covered by Social Security, you would be able to enroll in the federal employees' health care program and your premiums would be deductible on your taxes.  Unfortunately for us, it was written and…
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