H.R. 3221

ACORN Funds Completely Cut Off By House Vote

American Patriots are making a difference.  It you still think that the Tea Parties are full of right-wing, fringe extremists that are whistling dixie, think again! From BigGovernment.com **BREAKING** House Votes to Cut All Funds to ACORN Rep. Darrell Issa  (R-CA) offered the Defund-ACORN bill to the Student Loans bill.  The House vote convincingly to cut ALL federal funds to ACORN. Vote: 345 to 75.  Complete results here. Developing… For the downside of this vote, go to : H.R. 3221; The New Indentured Servant Act
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H.R. 3221; The New Indentured Servant Act

Between Barney Frank trying his utmost to strangle free enterprise in this country, (a new post on a new bill introduced coming soon), and the State Department's budget, this bill slipped by me.  Rest assured, as soon as GovTrack comes back up from it's crash status I will read it and let you know what I find.  In the meantime, Glenn Beck and Matthew Spaulding had a discussion yesterday about the following bill and the ramifications for us when combined with other legislation that has passed. H.R. 3221: Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 There will be no…
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