Gun Control

Illinois Dems Calling For National Guard To Police Chicago Streets

This ever creeping insanity is what happens when a population allows infringement of their 2nd Amendment rights AND corrupt politicians to continue to be employed while stuck on stupid.  I swear we are living inside 'Brazil' right now. 2 Chicago state reps: Bring in the National Guard Two state representatives called on Gov. Pat Quinn Sunday to deploy the Illinois National Guard to safeguard Chicago's streets. Chicago Democrats John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford said they want Quinn, Mayor Richard Daley andChicago Police Supt. Jody Weis to allow guardsmen to patrol streets and help quell violence. Weis said he did not support…
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The Next Piece In The Fascist Puzzle; Gun Control

Let's recap some of the unconstitutional and un-American activities  of this current administration, and please remember the definition of fascism; socialism with a veneer of capitalism. Consummate community organizer with 143 days of senate experience is installed in the White House. The Federal Government obtains control of the banks. The Federal Government obtains control of 2 major car companies. The White House plunges the country into unprecedented red ink. The pResident appoints 30some apparently crazy czars with no congressional oversight. The liberal left congress confirms an activist supreme court justice. The Federal Reserve prints money day and night, and monetizes…
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Sonia Sotomayor And Gun Control

For all of those people searching for "Sonia Sotomayor and Gun Control" - here is your story: Fox News: KEN BLACKWELL: Obama Declares War on America’s Gun Owners With Supreme Court Pick President Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a declaration of war against America’s gun owners and the Second Amendment to our Constitution. If gun owners mobilize and unite, it’s possible (though unlikely) to stop this radical nominee. ————— According to Judge Sotomayor, if your state or city bans all guns the way Washington, D.C. did, that’s okay under the Constitution. ————— Last year the Supreme Court handed down…
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Always Dig A Little Deeper

The Media is all over the Sotomayor announcement today, and though I put up something earlier, one always has to look a little deeper when it comes to Bambi's appointees.  Sotomayor is being touted as an appointee with the most time on the bench of anyone appointed in the last 70 years, and a breadth of experience not often seen; but what about that experience? Sotomayor was a partner at the law firm of Pavia & Harcourt for 8 years, and what would this international law firm be most focused on? Established in 1940, Pavia & Harcourt is a business…
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