Candidate Eric Johnson Takes Arizona Immigration Law A Step Further

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Eric Johnson (R) wants to take Arizona’s immigration law a step further by requiring proof of citizenship for school children grades K-12, and during emergency room visits.

Before you get your knickers in a knot, listen to the candidate’s views about illegal aliens and emergency rooms.  You will hear thoughtful consideration (common sense) for actual emergencies, and for the theft of tax dollars from our educational system.

“…The children aren’t to blame but neither are the taxpayers of Georgia. We don’t have to educate the children in South Carolina and Alabama here in Georgia, but we are being forced to educate children from other countries. Obviously, one of the reasons that the illegals come into this country is for jobs and for taxpayer funded services, and education is our largest tax program, and our largest system out there; that costs everybody money, including taking away money from our children. We’re furloughing teachers, we are increasing class sizes. We have; somebody has got to stand up to Washington, and say ‘enough is enough’ and hold them accountable for their incompetence.”

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