AYFKM?: Another President From Texas (UPDATE: Perry To Run)

The last two presidents from Texas Did.Not.Do.Enough.Damage? And now Texas GOP operatives are pushing Perry to run for the republican nomination because you stupid moos aren’t happy with the choices they have given you up to this point.


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News Of Note: First Republican Presidential Debate Tonight (UPDATED Full Video, Focus Group Reaction & The Marketing Of Herman Cain)

(Editor’s Note, 5.6.2011: Conservatives need to be advised that they are being as manipulated for this election cycle as the liberal left was in 2008 with the media marketing of Obama.  This time around, the marketed candidate knows exactly what to say to you to get your vote by appealing to YOUR values, but the FACTS don’t lie;  Donald Trump donated 50K to Rahm Emanuel’s campaign, Herman Cain was the chairman of the Kansas City Fed (see below), Newt Gingrich worked with Clinton to establish global trading rules.  DO NOT be the corporate-owned moos they believe you to be!  Ask your candidate how they feel about the United Nations and the World Bank – then vote.)

Fox News Channel will be hosting the first GOP presidential debate this evening at 9pm eastern.  Dr. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty will be participating, and because globalists Romney and Gingrich will not be attending, you might actually hear some ideas to solve our nation’s current dilemmas without completely selling out America’s sovereignty.

When I find a live streaming link, I will post it.

UPDATE:  Here is the entire debate in one video.

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