Is Libya Really A Currency War?

Is Libya Really A Currency War?

Is it possible that the war in Libya to remove Qaddafi is really all about keeping a gold-backed Libyan dinar off the world stage and thus avoiding a complete collapse of the American dollar, the US economy, and other globalist currencies when oil will suddenly be traded in gold backed dinars versus the dollar?

Do you think it is more probable (Occam’s Razor) that the international bankers targeted Qaddafi for taking advantage of the global economic collapse and attempting to give the African continent a chance at economic equality and prosperity, OR that the American public is spending it’s hard earned cash on a humanitarian mission? (Given our government’s prediliction for ‘national security’ pre-emptions.)

Qaddafi, in two World Mathaba conferences held in 1996 and 2000, was attempting such a move besides speaking about pulling out of the World Bank and the IMF and establishing an African continent bank that would provide loans between member countries. (more…)

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