The DCCC Launches New Store Because It’s All About Saving Democrats

Monster readers may not be surprised to know that I sign up for lots of lists to receive lots of emails containing all sorts of information.  This morning I received an email titled ‘Cavier Dreams’ from Jon Vogel, DCCC Executive Director announcing the launch of a new store to raise money because they are at … Read more

America In Decline; “Must Learn To Bow”, States Marxist

Martin Jacques thinks that Obama possesses a rare quality for a president, humility, (STOP FREAKIN’ LAUGHING!), and that we are fortunate to have him at the helm during America’s decline in the world.  (I believe there is a very special place in hell for quitters.) This is the 800 pound gorilla of disconnect between Washington/New … Read more

The Dollar Is Losing It’s Luster And Obama Is Still Busy Making Deals

Is everybody ready to go here and sign up to run for political office?  You might be after you read this post. Pimco Says Dollar to Weaken as Reserve Status Erodes (Update3) Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) — Pacific Investment Management Co., which runs the world’s biggest bond fund, said the dollar will weaken as the U.S. … Read more

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