General Electric

Alex Jones, 12.27.2010: American Citizens are Enemies of The State

Let's all just watch American Idol while ceiling lights transmit internet data and smart appliances spy on their owners...yep, sounds crazy until you read the AP and NY Times' reports. Ceiling lights in Minn. send coded Internet data G.E. Markets First ‘Smart Appliance’
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GE Is The Gatekeeper?

When any kind of shift in a government happens, there will be people and companies who scramble to be part of the new groove and hop on the gravy train.  GE is one such company.  I expect to see Oracle and Caterpillar to show their tickets to the ride soon. The separation of state and private enterprise ended in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was born to tell the government what would be what.  In a stunning turn of events, Barack Obama's takeover of the banks, car companies, and financial institutions in 2009 flips that power struggle over to the…
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