“The Flag Of Islam Will Fly Over The White House”

“The Flag Of Islam Will Fly Over The White House”

Just keep telling yourself that, Anjem.  (Pssst…nobody tell Anjem that there are more women in America the don’t believe in Islam or sharia law than property wearing burqas, and those infidels are armed…)

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Convert Or Die: Islamic Fascism

Convert Or Die: Islamic Fascism

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The Israel/Hamas conflict is all over the news and the blogosphere, and this conflict is just a symptom of an ever growing tide of Islamic Fascism that is covering our planet.  According to the FBI, the most wanted terrorists in the world are all Muslims. (h/t Gateway Pundit)

With all the concerns in the liberal PUMA blogosphere, a story from Sultan Knish may be lost in the writings about The Resident Evil and his whackjob appointees.  I wanted to make sure that this story is seen on the other side of the aisle; so to speak, and to let anybody who wants to know, that I back Israel 100% because I am a student of history and understand what the possible outcome of the destruction of Israel would mean in terms of global re-alignment.  It strikes me that the Palestinian people are being held hostage by their own “government” (as seen by weapons being stored at a school), and that more coverage should zero in on the actual plight of the Palestinian people caused by the greed of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, instead of all the Israel bashing I am seeing.  Did not Hamas go from being a terrorist organization rocketing Israel to a government entity sponsoring state sanctioned terrorism in a form of “undeclared war”?

I greatly admire and respect our Constitution when it comes to religious freedom, and I also wish that the world could embrace that tenet, yet I realize that this has become a “war” between the West (America, Europe, Israel – basically Christian nations) and the Eastern Muslim nations.  Our ‘christian’ tenets do not state “convert or die”.  Which religion will actually lead to heaven?  Is there a heaven?  These are questions left for philosophers and scholars.  I am of the opinion that ANY fundamentalist religious sect (those that impose their belief systems on everybody else including christian sects) should be muzzled and shackled…and Israel MUST NOT be left twisting in the wind……just my opinion….

Sultan Knish (make sure to read it all):

Muslim Immigration Imports Nazis into Europe

Synagogues set aflame, mobs marching through Jewish neighborhoods shouting hateful slogans against Jews, boycotts of Jewish owned businesses and assaults and murders of Jews in Europe were supposed to have ended with the fall of the Third Reich. But thanks to Muslim immigration they are once again a part of life for the Jewish communities of Europe.

Europe after the war vowed to resist fascism and prevent the Holocaust from ever happening again, but in the name of tolerance, Islamofascism has found a home in Europe, and attacks on Jews have once again become commonplace. Tolerance for Fascism gives the serpent a warm place in the nation’s bosom to grow and spawn, and tolerance for Islam has made not just the Jews of Europe, but all of Europe into the targets of Muslim brutality and terror.

The latest assaults and Synagogue burnings taking place across Europe, in Britain, Sweden and France, is only the latest ring of an alarm bell warning that the dreadful events of the 1930’s are beginning to repeat themselves. Just as then, Fascism has many defenders who are all too willing to let Muslims play the victim of the Jews, as the Nazis were allowed to play at being the victims of Europe, until it was much too late.

Those who enable the modern day Fascism of Islam by allowing the brute to play the victim are however should be aware that they not doing anyone a favor. Coddling Nazism and agitating for its appeasement did not prevent war, it brought on a horrifying war that left much of Europe in ruins. Coddling Islam and agitating for its appeasement will not usher in some sort of utopian multicultural society, but a horrifying war in which the devastation in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the bombings of 9/11, 7/11 and the Madrid Train Bombings are only the early rumblings of a much larger conflict.

The Nazis first came for the Jews, and no one spoke up. By the time they were done, a great charnel house stretched from London to deep inside Russia, torched homes moaned in the wind and the cemeteries and trenches of Europe were filled with the dead. The Muslims have come for the Jews, but they have not stopped there and will not stop there. Across Europe the slow realization is growing that Islamofascism cannot be quieted with appeasement and that the wave of Muslim terror continues to spread.

It is very possible that I feel this way because not only were the Jews slaughtered by the Nazis, but gypsies and other “outsiders” were too.  I am tired of genocide being “okay”.  The Fundamentalist Muslims need to get over themselves.

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