Full Body Pat Down

John Tyner: “If You Touch My Junk, I’ll Have You Arrested” (UPDATED: $10,000 Fine & Senate Hearing, Pirate Party)

UPDATE #3: The Pirate Party International started following me on Twitter a few days ago, and I wish they had directly emailed me that they were going to do this: Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany UPDATE #2: The Senate CST Committee has called a hearing on Wednesday, 17th to take a peek at the oversight of TSA.  Considering John D. Rockefeller is the chairman, don't expect too much... Transportation Security Administration Oversight Hearing Jena Longo - Democratic Deputy Communications Director (202) 224-8374 Nov 17 2010 10:00 AM Russell Senate Office Building - 253 WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. Senate Committee…
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