Judge Napolitano: ‘Free Market’ Explanation For Dummies

Judge Napolitano: ‘Free Market’ Explanation For Dummies

A free market is a system of exchange of goods and services that is free from government intervention or interference.

Judge Napolitano, during his 9.23.2011 ‘Plain Truth’ segment has taken the time to explain exactly what a ‘free market’ is, the ridiculous argument that our ‘free markets’ caused the recession, that there isn’t an industry in the US that IS NOT regulated by the government, that ‘capitalism’ and ‘free markets’ ARE NOT the same thing, and exactly what we have currently operating in our country; namely crony capitalism or corporatism where the government picks winners and losers. He also explains Karl Marx and Friedrich Hayek’s theories on who should control and regulate debt; namely the government vs. the free markets. I urge my readers and newbies passing through to watch the entire 5 minute video because you will actually learn something you did not know; I know I did. (more…)

Ed Malin Is A Capitalist Pig! (VIDEO)

Ed Malin is a small business owner that had to make a statement last week (tax time) about the 65% of his income that is taken from him while he works 90 hour weeks. Mr. Malin was raised in a capitalist, free market environment (like many of us) who is now confronting the layer of socialism that has been feeding off the hard-working middle class for decades.

Mr. Malin reports that the response has been 100% positive — anybody surprised?


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