Tea Party Core Beliefs: “Wealth Creation”

Bill Whittle with the third part of the ‘Firewall’ series about tea party core beliefs entitled ‘Wealth Creation‘.  Once again, I have listed the preceding videos following Part 3 for those that may have missed them.

I think that the fundamental divide between liberal and conservative philosophy and policy comes down to how people feel about wealth; not money, money is just a unit of exchange.  I’m talking about wealth; having more than you need to survive. Now it seems that most modern liberals believe that wealth is essentially limited. They see the multi-millionaire with the Lear jet, the big car, and the three or four big houses as a villain because if wealth is more or less fixed, if there’s a giant, but limited, pot of money out there somewhere, then the fact that he has more means someone else has less.

What We Believe, Part 3: Wealth Creation


Tea Party Core Beliefs

Bill Whittle explains rather eloquently what exactly us open-mouth breathing, knuckle-draggin’ moos actually believe when it comes to smaller government and free enterprise.  Enjoy!

Part 2, Elitists:

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