Tea Party Protests Obama’s High Speed Rail In Florida

Some Floridians weren't drinking the koolaid laid out by the White House in their townhall meeting about the high speed rail project.  One 22 year old decided to explain it to them.... Obama protestors line the streets Hope to derail bullet train plan While thousands showed up to support the president, just a couple of blocks away hundreds came together to protest his arrival. They lined up down Kennedy Boulevard hoping their voices would be heard. The protest was part of the Tea Party movement. They were demanding less government and a different kind of healthcare reform, and hoping to…
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Today’s AYFKM? Award: Erasing Pearl Harbor

What  is with Florida?  What?  Did something happen to the drinking water that is allowing such rank stupidity to propogate?  You guys have Rush right there, and still the AYFKM? awards abound.  I have spent hours studying the elections you folks have coming up, and have found that my eyes are crossing as I try to ascertain whether or not you actually have any candidates other than Marco Rubio with some integrity left. It's making MY head spin, and that's something to write home about. How do you folks do it? From WND: Pearl Harbor Day erased! Happy Islamic New…
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