Floor Speech

Yes Nancy, This Is VERY Personal (Pelosi’s Floor Speech On Obamacare)

I am so freaking p*ssed that my hair is ON FIRE!!!!  Not only has Nancy and Dems gone against the wishes of the American public, but they have made the situation even worse for us poor shmucks in Hawaii. I do not require my loyal readers to watch the entirety of Skeletor's speech, either with or without their puke bucket as there are so many unbelievable statements that even the Founding Fathers are cringing. I would like to point out to Idiot Child Nancy that you cannot come to the floor of the House or anywhere else with "great humility…
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Minority Leader John Boehner Floor Speech On Obamacare, 3.21.2010

John Boehner understands how much we, as Americans, have lost with the passage of Obamacare.  He understands how critically the trust has been broken between the peoples' house that has now become the Aristocrats' House - and speaks passionately about what the Dems have and have not done! The topper?  Non-Rep. Obey stating: "Both sides would do well to remember the dignity of the House." ...and laughter erupts.  Why should we respect a governing body that did not follow your instructions?
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