‘An Open Message To The NSA’…

…and all those other alphabet agencies that have been slacking on their patriotic duty to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic‘.  These cogs in the machine are accomplices to the criminal actions that this administration and government have been perpetrating.  Please send this excellent vid … Read more ‘An Open Message To The NSA’…

The Newest Old Target; The Fourth Amendment And The Answer To The Gestapo

One can go back to 1977 and the FISA Act that started the war against your right to privacy, but in 2001 the Bush administration and a congress full of assclowns and elitists ramped up the assault when they passed the incredibly un-Constitutional PATRIOT ACT which allowed for all sorts of invasive and silent investigations; federal agents writing their own warrants, warrantless wiretapping, library records, new banking rules, TSA sexual assault and conditioning, and the list goes on and on and ON.   All of it is an attack on the Fourth Amendment and flips the whole notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ on it’s head.

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AYFKM?: FBI Wants Their GPS Back

Come on folks, laugh along with me because we are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy past the point of being frightened. The unbelievable stupidity and ineptitude of the government goes unchecked when a 20 year old U.S. born citizen of Egyptian descent is secretly GPS tracked by the FBI, who then gets caught, and shows up in force to … Read more AYFKM?: FBI Wants Their GPS Back

Glenn Beck, 7.29.2010: Weather Underground; Then And Now, The Plan, Part 3

Obama’s fascist policies continue with the FBI being able to seize electronic data from any company without a warrant from a judge…. To see the entire show, go here. The Plan, Part 1. The Plan, Part 2.

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