We Are Bailing Out Greece

Late last week, I put up the video of Jean-Claude Trichet, the president of the european central bank speaking to the CFR about creating financial rules for the entire global finance community all the way down to the local level. As if these asshats had not already done enough damage by tying economies together on a global level ‘to prevent war’, they must really believe that the American taxpayer is that ‘money tree’ that anybody and everybody needs to be able to access.

WE did not want to bailout our own banks and car companies, why would any of us think that it is perfectly acceptable to keep ‘giving’ money to the World Bank and IMF to save other countries economies?  The elites that have been running us down the garden path have no concept of the ebb and flow or the balance that is a natural law.

Welcome to ‘Greece Is Too Big To Fail’.

We must guard against the whiplash that could ensue when we extricate ourselves from the UN, the IMF, the WB, and the central banks.

Tie The Money Together And Make Everybody Mediocre

Tie The Money Together And Make Everybody Mediocre

You could be following the controversy surrounding the AZ immigration bill and wondering about the hundreds of thousands that will be marching this weekend, or you could be reading about Barry’s supposed affair with Vera Baker (how is that possible, she is a woman), but what you should be doing is paying attention to the head of the european central bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, who is pushing for global governance of finance all the way down to the local level while speaking to…wait for it…the Council on Foreign Relations. Talk about preaching to the choir.

Please take the time to watch the following video and listen to America get hammered by a central banker.  Also, do not have anxiety about listening, you are definitely smart enough to understand this criminal bankster as he speaks about controlling your lives.


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