Eric Cantor

The People Making Money: Lawmakers

The big winners?  Lawmakers.  No surprise there.  If you had a pile of cash, wouldn't you want to be in the district of criminals to protect it? Our favorite lawmaker, Nancy Pelosi made a whopping $9 million in cool cash. Financial disclosures: Wall Street’s bull market in '09 lifted lawmakers’ net worth Congressional leaders in both parties reported dramatic increases in their net worth last year on the back of a rising stock market. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) reported the biggest gain for 2009. The Speaker’s worth jumped by $9 million to roughly $21.7 million last year, according to…
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Obama Plays Chess With The GOP

One would think that the community organizer-in-chief would recognize grassroots messaging when he sees it, but for this fool, he appears to believe that the GOP is astroturfing the tea party message.  And yes America, you are too stupid to understand what he is saying, so he had to do a speech in Tampa after the SOTU, and again today his face was plastered all over the TV regurgitating the same speech just one more time while he attacked the GOP again. Facts are facts, and math is math.  Every time he attacks the GOP for not cooperating, the American…
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