Gerald Celente, 4.21.2011: The Current Depression

Here is the latest from Gerald Celente on 4.21.2011 about the dumbing down of America, the electronic trillions being dumped into the economy, the price of gold, the economic fascism ¬†that has occurred, the dollar devaluation, our current economic depression and how to prepare and survive the globalists’ destruction of our way of life. Gerald … Read more

If Google Says So…Then It Must Be True…

Obviously Larry Summers has been smokin’ the same koolaid/crack pipe that most of congress has not taken a break from since the Fascist-In-Charge, (31 czars and counting), was installed in our White House. Since when does anybody think that Google is the barometer of economic or any other success?¬† Larry, how dumb do you think … Read more

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