AZ Doctor Scherzer Closing Practice Due To Obamacare

Neil Cavuto interviews Arizona dermatologist Dr. Joseph Scherzer about his plans to close his practice before Obamacare goes into full effect in 2014.

Dr. Scherzer has a sign on the door of his practice stating:

“If you voted for Obamacare, be aware that these doors will close before it goes into effect.”

Dr. Scherzer details some of the changes that are part of Obamacare that make the current system even more difficult and expensive to deal with.  He also explains the fear hanging over doctors’ heads is becoming unbearable.

I know you folks did not think Dr. Jack Cassell was going to be the last doctor that left a note on the door of their practice.

My vote is for repealing Obamacare and then ‘fundamentally changing’ Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while we are at it.  If you think this is an Obama or Bush problem, better read your history starting with the depression of the ’20’s.

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