Creepy Video: Black Helicopters Do Exist

I know many of my readers have seen Haarp ring videos and severe weather forecasts from DutchSinse’s YT channel, but you may not be aware of PatrioticSpace and the work he has done with HAARP and frequencies. He just posted a video of an unmarked military helicopter that was flying low in a town close to his home on Wednesday, June 15th. This video was shot by his girlfriend, and at one point the helicopter is low enough for her to make eye contact with the pilot. Readers should let me know if they find this video as creepy as I did, and then please send it viral.

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How Legal Is This? Patriot Act Extension Robo-Signed By Absent pResident

The federal government’s tyranny continues as 250 House members and 73 Senators extended key gestapo tactics that include warrantless wiretapping and surveillance of average Americans (‘domestic terrorists’) for another four years whilst TSA is threatening to shut down flights in and out of Texas but can’t keep a John Doe with 12 IDs from getting on a plane at Dulles Int’l Airport. The most interesting part of the entire equation? An autopen signing the bill for an absent pResident.  The endgame is now in full force moos.  Are you prepared?

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‘Sovereigns’ Are Domestic Terrorists

The Sovereign Citizen Movement is now listed as a domestic terrorist threat.  What’s next? Really?  What’s next? Reading the Constitution silently in your bed, under the blanket, with a flashlight?  This ranks right up there with The Climate of Fear marches on.  It is so time to clean house. DOMESTIC TERRORISM The Sovereign Citizen … Read more ‘Sovereigns’ Are Domestic Terrorists

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To The Media!

We are not surprised anymore by the media bias favoring the left’s cause and the continued vilification of everyday Americans as domestic terrorists, but this takes the cake.  Still think they aren’t goading us modern-day Ghandis into action?  Do not succumb!  I wonder if Fox considers this “fair and balanced”, or does that only apply … Read more Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To The Media!

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