Gerald Celente, 6.15.2011: “Collapse, Are You Ready?”

Gerald Celente (completely wound up) on the Jeff Rense show, 6.15.2011, speaking about the latest ‘Trend Alert’ they have issued: “Collapse, Are You Ready? It’s Coming”.  Mr. Celente speaks about the 48% of the population that thinks we are trending toward the depression we are already in, how we have lost our self respect, how the police aren’t there to protect us, and how we better be ready to fight to make it through what is coming.  Mr. Rense also plays a George Carlin clip (starting at 13:30) explaining why our country is so screwed up and why it won’t ever be fixed; you guessed it; we are all corporate owned moos being bled dry…

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What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

It hasn’t taken me a few days to decide what I am going to do; it has taken one restless night to go back to the person that inspires me, Thomas Jefferson.  I am not backing down; I am a proud American. I will continue to research, write and expose the corrupt Democrats and Republicans … Read more What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

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