Catherine Austin Fitts On Fukushima And The Global Economy, 5.25.2011

Jeff Rense interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts on May 25th, 2011 starting with the Strauss-Kahn arrest and the possible replacements at the IMF.  Catherine continues with how a small group of people are holding the world hostage with invisible weaponry, the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima and it’s effect on the global economy, the deflationary spiral that is occurring, the liberal money printing policy, and how most of the world is withdrawing from any economic moves.  Jeff and Catherine also discuss how Americans are paying for their own enslavement and their astonishment when it comes to Americans still using the big banks like Bank of America when it is better for communities to keep those funds in community banks.  If you are not familiar with CAF, make sure to check out the related links at the bottom of the post for many more informative articles, especially ‘The Looting Of America’.

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