Charles Krauthammer: Greece, “From An American Perspective, That’s Our Future”

Greece is running a 13% deficit, owes the world $300 Billion and is now working out a bailout with the EU for $41 Billion.  Charles Krauthammer has a opinion on America's future in relation to what is happening in Greece right now. "...from an American perspective, that's the future.  We now have a GDP, a deficit this year of over 10%.  Which is wildly out of control...if we stay on course, the most optimistic estimates out of the CBO are that we are going to have a national debt, a total accumulated debt in ten years of about 100%, 90%…
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Glenn Beck, 2.16.2010: NY Times Spins The Tea Parties

Glenn starts this program with the nasty financial and economic problems we are facing with a rough breakdown of the federal budget. He interviews Art Laffer about what needs to happen to pull us back from the edge. Glenn then moves onto the New York Times trying to rename the Tea Party Patriots as militia members and crazies. Part 2 - Art Laffer: Part 3 - Art Laffer continued: Widgets Part 4 - NY TIMES: Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right These people are part of a significant undercurrent within the Tea Party movement that has less…
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The Continuing Myth Of Recovery

Everybody buckle up because Friday (2.5.2010) morning is going to be a doozy. Since the east coast is 5 hours ahead of my local time, I know there isn't going to be any light reading with my morning coffee due to whatever the markets are doing worldwide, and the jobs report from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics. Here is a preview of "how's that reckless spending working out for ya?" Global Markets Shudder Doubts About U.S. Economy and a Debt Crunch in Europe Jolt Hopes for a Recovery Concerns are growing that the world hasn't seen the last of…
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Glenn Beck, 12.11.09, Duct Tape and Traffic Lights

Glenn introduces us to the traffic light system of stocks, treasury bills, and gold when investors with cash need a place to stuff their money depending on the craziness of the system.  My only argument with Glenn and David Buckner is when they agree that nobody is sitting around their kitchen tables talking about the $14 Trillion deficit that Congress is burdening us with.  The Tea Party Patriots have understood this problem since Hank Paulson sold his 3 page $700 Billion Bank Bailout to the Bush Administration and Congress.  Rest assured Glenn, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT and educating everybody…
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