Paid By Coakley; Voting For Brown

(H/T Brian) Fleming & Hays is the original blogger who created the video. Take a few moments, do a fly-by, and check out the rest of the story and the photographs of the rally before the debate at UMass. From Flemings & Hays Scott Brown Rally For US Senate As she approached, the giant men holding signs (as if on cue) rushed up in the middle of the road to block off Scott Brown supporters. One of them nearly knocked Angel over and was not apologetic about it at all. With the union thugs within earshot and directly in front…
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Martha Coakley In Trouble, Big Pharma To The Rescue

Always Get Tape, and Always Follow The Money. Last night Scott Brown and Martha Coakley had a debate moderated by David Gergen.  The link to the video of the entire debate is here. From the excerpts that I have seen, Scott Brown won this debate including the comment in response to David Gergen, "It's not the Kennedy Seat.  It's The People Seat."  Martha Coakley is now on the attack with help from the DSCC, Bill Clinton, (you know it's bad when they bring out the big dog), MoveOn, and Big Pharma.  You can thank these special interest group representatives if…
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