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Fleming & Hays is the original blogger who created the video. Take a few moments, do a fly-by, and check out the rest of the story and the photographs of the rally before the debate at UMass.

From Flemings & Hays

Scott Brown Rally For US Senate

As she approached, the giant men holding signs (as if on cue) rushed up in the middle of the road to block off Scott Brown supporters. One of them nearly knocked Angel over and was not apologetic about it at all. With the union thugs within earshot and directly in front of us, we proceeded heckling them. One of the union workers actually turned around and said “I’m paid to be here, but I’m voting for Scott Brown. I just need the money, but don’t tell anyone.”

The Latest Email From The DSCC; Martha Coakley Being Swiftboated

The Latest Email From The DSCC; Martha Coakley Being Swiftboated

AYFKM?  That’s a joke, right?  There is only one question the rest of America (outside of Massachusetts) is asking:

Do you want Obamacare passed in the middle of the night with special deals, or don’t you?

No swiftboating necessary.  Martha Coakley is for Obamacare and Scott Brown is against Obamacare.  Inside the perfect storm of the radical left gaining control of all branches of government, nada else matters.  This is why the Democratic Party is becoming unhinged with the speed that Scott Brown was advancing, and has now surpassed Coakley in the polls due to the backing of the American People.  What did you expect when the race is put into the terms of who would vote for the un-Constitutional mandated healthcare versus who wouldn’t.  Once again, no need to swiftboat her, she did it to herself.

I received this email from a reader of this blog who has been a lifelong democrat and is appalled at what is happening to the country.  I love putting up these emails because they are driven by fear, name-calling, and guilt; and the sheep just keep being led to the slaughter.  Empty your pockets, dems, because the unicorns are right around the corner.  It does not matter if something is morally right, as long as it is legal and your team wins.

From the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:


You need to know this: Polls are tightening in Massachusetts, and America’s future hangs on getting Martha Coakley elected to Ted Kennedy’s seat on Jan. 19. Winning this special election means passing health care reform and the rest of President Obama’s agenda.

We need your help today. The special election is only 10 days away. Funds are needed NOW to fight back against swiftboat attacks. Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC.
American Future Fund, the guys who brought you the Swift Boat attacks against decorated war veteran John Kerry, are up with a $400,000 buy, smearing Coakley. She’s being outspent, and a new poll shows that the right wing money is doing the trick. Republican Scott Brown is within striking distance.

Do you think they know that most of this money is coming from indies, dems, and former dems that realize that we have a Government Gone Rogue?  Coakley is being outspent because in their infinite arrogance, the dem leadership thought she had this sewn up on the legacy of the dead kennedy.

Keeping this seat blue is critical. Coakley is the 60th vote needed to pass health care and the rest of President Obama’s agenda. As Massachusetts’ first woman senator, she will help advance Kennedy’s legacy – fighting for equal rights, a strong economy, and our families and communities.  Without her vote, health care won’t happen.

The dems have the audacity to write “without her vote, health care won’t happen” even though they are planning on delaying the election certification so that Scott Brown will not be able to vote against Obamacare if elected?

The DSCC provides a crucial role in close races like this one. When the right wing whips out their wallets and starts attacking our candidates, we level the playing field. We fight back. We get every Democrat out to the polls. And we make the difference. You make the difference.

Yes, the dems fight back only when they are late coming to the party.  For Barack Obama, they pulled out ACORN, the Secretary of State Project, MoveOn, Caucus Fraud, etc. ahead of time.  Now, they are behind the eightball and they are having to send in MoveOn in to try to shore up Coakley’s dropping numbers.

We need your help today. The special election is only 10 days away. Funds are needed NOW to fight back against these swiftboat attacks. Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC.

Why is the DSCC bothering these poor, pathetic people when they should have a direct line to George Soros and a check?

This is not just any old Senate seat. This is the seat Ted Kennedy held for 47 years. Republicans would love nothing more than stopping health care by winning this race. Ceding his seat to the forces of obstruction is simply not an option. Not today, not on Jan. 19, not ever.

Does anyone else think that the moral compass-less Dead Kennedy holding any position of power for 47 years is a freakin’ travesty, and that the people of Massachusetts should stop revering a murderer, or is it just me?


P.S.: Health care and the rest of Obama’s agenda hangs in the balance. We must elect Martha Coakley. The special election is only 10 days away. Funds are needed NOW to fight back against these swiftboat attacks. Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC.

“…the rest of Obama’s agenda hangs in the balance.” If the Democratic Leadership thought Dead Kennedy’s seat was so important, why weren’t they out weeks ago?  Oh, that’s right, it’s Dead Kennedy’s seat and it will always and forevermore be democratically held in remembrance of the drunk who left a young girl to die.  ‘Bout right?

Scott Brown MoneyBomb

Scott Brown For Senate

Make Calls From Home

In Remembrance Of Mary Jo Kopechne

Move On Rolls Into Massachusetts To Save Martha Coakley

Move On Rolls Into Massachusetts To Save Martha Coakley

Arrogant dumba**es, sure took them long enough…MoveOn – You’re Late!

From Washington Examiner: Help us save Ted Kennedy’s seat!

David already mentioned that Republicans have reason to be optimistic in the race for Sen. Kennedy’s former seat in Massachusetts and it appears that liberal activist group agrees.

“In 11 days, we could lose progressive hero Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat—and with it, any hope for passing major progressive legislation this year,” the urgent letter to activists reads, “We can’t let a right-winger take over Ted Kennedy’s seat because not enough progressives are paying attention.”

From Scott Brown’s campaign team:

The far left wing attack machine is stepping up to try and defeat our movement to win the Special Election for the United States Senate on January 19th.  The radical has decided to MoveIn to Massachusetts to try and help the lethargic Martha Coakley campaign gain some traction. The SEIU, the nation’s largest public employee union is also pouring thousands of dollars into this race to defeat our movement.
These groups like and the SEIU along with the political machine in Massachusetts have an agenda to continue the reckless spending in Washington and to dramatically expand the size of government.
There is only one thing standing between these groups and their hope for a victory on January 19th, and that is you.

On Monday, January 11th we are having a moneybomb and I am asking for your pledge, right now. Once you make your pledge today, please return to on Monday, January 11th to fulfill your pledge and make your contribution.
I refuse to let these far-left groups slow our momentum with their special interest money and I’m asking you to help us fight back, right now.
Our Brown Brigade is strong and our morale is high. Together, we have built a strong grassroots movement to win this special election for the United States Senate on January 19th and send a political shock-wave across the country and to the Washington establishment.
If we win on January 19th, it will deliver a devastating blow to the out-of-control spending bureaucrats and those that want a Government Run take-over of our health care.

To Victory,
Scott Brown

P.S. Our call from home application is a fantastic way to volunteer to reach the voters that we need to turn out on Election Day – it’s critical to inform OUR voters about Election Day being January, 19.

A Perfect Example Of The Republican Party Being A Day Late And A Dollar Short

AYFKM?  The longer this abandonment of conservative candidates and principles continues, the more the Republicans look like they are in league with the Democrats in the effort to destroy the Republic.

Scott Brown (R) is running in the special election for Dead Kennedy’s seat against Martha Coakley (D), and what has the national Republican Party done for the man that could take away Harry Reid’s majority?  Voter lists and 50K; and they wonder why the Tea Parties exist and why Americans are so frakkin’ pissed at them.  The RNC better pony up the real cash and infrastructure soon, or they will be a party of the past…

GOP lets Scott Brown fend for himself

Local Republicans outraged committee not giving more in Senate battle

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown has been all but abandoned by the same national Republican committees that pumped hundreds of thousands in campaign cash to former governors Mitt Romney and William Weld during their long-shot bids for U.S. Senate.

The snub has outraged local Republicans who say national conservatives should be jumping at the chance to nab the first open Senate seat in decades despite Brown’s tough odds in the Jan. 19 special election.

“They need to give Scott a level playing field,” said former state GOP chairman Peter Torkildsen. “It’s one of those rare opportunities that a Republican has a good shot in Massachusetts.”

But even Brown has downplayed his lack of national GOP firepower in his race against Democrat Martha Coakley, saying, “We’re doing very, very well on our own, and I don’t want to be beholden to anybody at this point.”

Colin Reed, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said, “I would never say how much we’re going to spend or not spend on a candidate publicly. I wouldn’t detail our battle plans.”

Local operatives say the national GOP and the NRSC have donated voter lists, telephone systems and at least $50,000 to Brown’s effort.

But that support is barely a blip when compared to the intense GOP involvement in the unsuccessful but vigorous Romney and Weld Senate bids.

In 1994, NRSC’s leader, then-Sen. Phil Gramm, vowed an “all out effort,” during Romney’s underdog battle against Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. The national party boosted Romney’s campaign coffers by $540,000 – the legal limit – in so-called coordinated spending.

National GOP committees and big-money donors funneled cash to Weld during his 1996 race against Sen. John Kerry through GOPAC, a political action committee, and wealthy backers of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Weld was also feted that year at a $1,000-a-person GOP gala in Washington, D.C.

While several local GOP party operatives are quietly grumbling that the RNC and the NRSC haven’t given Brown, a Wrentham state senator, enough help to mount a serious challenge for the open Senate seat, Bay State GOP spokeswoman Tarah Donoghue insists that, “They are providing the resources Scott needs. We’re working incredibly closely with them.”

But Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, said, “The Republicans have a good chance to pick up several or more Senate seats in November, which would eliminate the Democratic 60-seat edge. They’re not going to go on any kamikaze missions.”

Someone needs to tell the Republicans that doing the right thing by the American people right now will pay greater dividends than saving money on what they think are ‘kamikaze missions’.  Oh thats right!  We already did that numerous times, but have found that nobody is home.

Meanwhile, their Democratic counterparts have swung into action, appointing Sen. John F. Kerry as the chairman of a coordinating committee to funnel national donations to Coakley, the attorney general. The committee has recently attracted top fund-raiser Jon Patsavos, but a Coakley spokesman would not say how much the organizations have helped raise.

Did you really think the dems were even going to chance losing a seat?

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