Michelle Bachman; A Call To Storm The Capitol On November 5th, 2009 (UPDATED)

Enjoy! (Mark Levin at 28:20) Video From C-Span: Please go to this open thread for post rally comments, videos and information.  I have found the CSpan video. ************* Watch Live Streaming Coverage of the House Call Rally - go here, or here (C-Span3) Update: 11.05.09 12:11pm est: Tea Party Patriot Radio - Live Coverage of "House Call". Update: 11.05.09 (am) I just received this information from Patriots For America: Tweets will keep patriots together beginning 12:15 p.m. Thursday before patriots at the Capitol and across the nation sing “God Bless America”. Patriots can update their location and progress throughout the…
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G-20 Protests Erupt In Violence; 9.12 March Peaceful And Unreported

So this news of 2,000 violent protestors in Pittsburgh is plastered everywhere, and yet the media is still trying to tell you that only 60,000 people showed up for the PEACEFUL 9.12.09 March on Washington, D.C.   What do your eyes tell you? Police embroiled in violent battles with G20 protesters Anti-G20 protesters rampaged through the city centre of Pittsburgh tonight, smashing up shops and throwing rocks at police, as officers used tear gas and baton-charges in an attempt to bring them under control. In riots which continued through the middle of the evening rush hour, about 300 protesters were reported…
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Just Waiting….

I know that people are just waiting for a leader to emerge that will bring everyone together to march on Washington....I still don't know who that is going to be but I do know someone has planned a date. I will investigate further, but this is for your consideration...and the left thought we were just going to keep sitting on our couches, watching our tvs, shopping at Target, and paying their mortgages because the Republican leadership was slinking away with their tails between their legs.  I got a message for the LIBERAL LEFT: WE AREN'T THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND YOU…
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