What Stimulus Really Means In The Age Of Obama


$237.6 Billion has been awarded, but few have seen any real improvement in the economy, other than it hasn’t totally kacked, and unemployment is only at a 26 year high of 10.2%.  The White House needs a jobs summit the day before another blistering round of jobs numbers comes out, and as a diversion from the Bernanke circus, Climategate, Barbara Boxer’s continued idiocy, and Waxman advising government control of the press.  Let’s also not forget that the bloom is off the rose with the Community Organizer-in-Charge, and he must repair the damage done to his image by bailing out the banks who have used that money to buy each other and kept the adrenaline shot to the economy on hold due to their continued credit freeze.

In the meantime, the small business community, who was not invited to the summit, and employs more Americans than any other segment of business is holding it’s frickin’ breath to see how badly they are going to get bent over on health care, financial system overhaul, and cap & trade.  The Washington Post has a story about D.C. contractors living large while “implementing the initiative” of stimulus.  Now isn’t that a fine how-do-you-do?


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