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Glenn Beck, 1.3.2011: America’s Crushing Debt

The Judge is filling in for Glenn as he stocks up on chalk for tomorrow's show.  The Judge interviews Sens. Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Mike Lee (Utah) about the $14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling that is imminently facing our nation and congress. He also interviews our favorite economist, David Buckner, and Steve Moore about the debt that is crushing our nation and the planned co-opting of the tea party elects.
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Glenn Beck, 1.6.2010; 2 Sets Of Books Or…

...as I like to call it, the Red Crayon Math being used by the government to hide the unsustainable debt they have buried us in. Glenn hammers Nancy and Chris Dodd, but the most interesting segment is the piece he does with David Buckner on America's inability to be competitive in world markets, the true debt we are shouldering, and the interest we are paying on that debt. What will blow your mind even more is the % of our tax revenues that will be going to pay the interest if when the interest rate increases. Get out your duct…
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Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.09.09: Frank Luntz “Americans Are Genuinely Afraid”

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson Eric is stepping in for Glenn who is still recovering from appendicitis.  Interviewees include Anne Coulter, Frank Luntz, Byron York and David Buckner.  I will add the appropriate segments as they become available. Jihadist Terrorism is as plain as the nose on your face! I am sick of people saying they are something else before they are an American. Michelle Malkin: Byron York: David Buckner: McCarthy Bakery and small business:
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The Economics Of Dem Healthcare Reform For Dummies

With everything that is currently being tossed at us since way before the 2008 election, quite a few things get missed just because we don't have the time to read everything, all the time. I ran across an article today from economist David Buckner which I think explains the dems' plan pretty simply in economic terms.  Here are a few tidbits; make sure to go over and read the whole article. The Snake Oil Sales Pitch: A Question of Healthcare Economics Unfortunately, facts tend to be the first casualty of political banter.  As one commentator noted this morning, if you…
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