David Axelrod

Did Michelle Obama’s Brainchild Create “Patient Dumping”?

Michelle Obama's brainchild, the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center garnered millions in federal aid, but did it do the job it was supposed to do? If you are thinking that the Obamas care about any of us, you would be wrong.  Mishy and Bambi are in it for themselves. Michelle Obama's Timeline at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The position Michelle eventually takes does not exist at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Obama elected to Senate Position is created (Vice President For Community Affairs), salary, $300, 000.  Michelle is promoted from $121,910 position…
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Once Again; How Stupid Does The Government Think We Are?

Eight days ago I did something I have not done in months; I bought a bottle of wine and drank 3/4 of it in one evening in the hope that a little self-medication would relieve my angst.  For 8 days, I have been suspended in that split second of motionless time when you see the train wreck about to occur and are trying to decide whether to watch in horror or turn away.  That moment right before time catches up with itself and slams into "real time" and the horror unfolds.  The only difference right now is that I do…
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