“Dalai Lama To The Back Of The Bus Please”

“Dalai Lama To The Back Of The Bus Please”

Not-so-grand exit: The Dalai Lama leaves the White House via an exit where rubbish bags are kept on the ground following his meeting with Barack Obama

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Obama defies China by meeting Dalai Lama (but makes him leave via rubbish bags at side exit)

The Dalai Lama and U.S president Barack Obama met for the first time at the White House today, defying furious protests from China.

The two Nobel Peace Prize winners seemed intent on keeping the meeting low-key, in order avoid worsening tensions between the two countries.

The Tibetan spiritual leader, who was also denied a meeting in the Oval office, left via a side entrance where rubbish bags were piled up and The White House didn’t release photos of the meeting until several hours afterwards.

Bambi is once again trying to have his cake and eat it too.  Meet the Dalai Lama to raise his human rights stature, but not piss off the Chinese too much…

In God We Still Trust (UPDATED)

H/T Kathy for this video and this comment:

Major radio stations wouldn’t play it because it was not considered politically correct. This song was never released to the public. Something to lift the spirits.

I am so sick of “politically correct”; terrorism is now called “man-made disaster”.  Does it make it more palatable to certain segments of our population that all those people died, and millions were traumatized on 9.11?  What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong!  Murdering thousands and traumatizing more than one nation was a vile and arrogant way of getting the world’s attention, and for what, to have the liberal left wing of the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party think if we bow down first, we will be spared.  The left has flunked history and psychology.

For the record, one does not have to be a right-wing, conservative christian to know the difference, and when the liberal left wakes up and stops rationalizing wrong-headed moves, we may just start making some headway on a multitude of issues.

This nation was built with a moral compass that many have derided over the years, yet our nation is still here and we are the ones that have liberated most of the world from crazy lunatics in spite of the left screaming “appeasement”.  ‘Nuff Said!

Diamond Rio – In God We Still Trust

Speaking of “what is right is right”; check out this headline and story.  Remember how Bambi did not back the Iranian protesters,  and does any of this sound like the whole appeasement argument I just made?

Barack Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama ‘to keep China happy’

President Barack Obama has refused to meet the Dalai Lama in Washington this week in a move to curry favour with the Chinese.

The decision came after China stepped up a campaign urging nations to shun the Tibetan spiritual leader.

It means Mr Obama will become the first president not to welcome the Nobel peace prize winner to the White House since the Dalai Lama began visiting Washington in 1991.

The Buddhist monk arrived in Washington on Monday for a week of meetings with Congressional leaders, celebrity supporters and interest groups, but the president will not see him until after he has made his first visit to China next month.

Samdhong Rinpoche, the Tibetan prime minister-in-exile, has accused the United States and other Western nations of “appeasement” toward China as its economic weight grows.

“Today, economic interests are much greater than other interests,” he said.

Mr Obama’s decision dismayed human rights and Tibetan support groups, who said he had made an unnecessary concession to the Chinese, who regard the Dalai Lama as a “splittist”, despite his calls for autonomy rather than independence for Tibet. The Chinese invaded in 1950, forcing the young leader to flee.

Sophie Richardson, Asia advocate for Human Rights Watch, said: “Presidents always meets the Dalai Lama and what happens? Absolutely nothing.

“This idea that if you are nice to the Chinese Communist Party up front you can cash in later is just wrong. If you lower the bar on human rights they will just move it lower and lower.” (empasis mine).

Go over, read the rest and try not to keep saying  “WTF?!”.

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