No Longer Unbelievable; Stalin Commemorated On D-Day

The rewriting and sanitizing of history marches on.  In our upside-down, inside-out world of transformation, it is no longer unbelievable that Americans would commemorate Joseph Stalin, murderer of 40 million Soviet citizens with a bust on D-Day (of all days).  Where else in the free world is this supposed to be happening, if not here, where the MSM spins everything and unions run the rest? From WSJ. Stalin Storms Omaha Beach The National D-Day Memorial has added a bust of Joseph Stalin. This past Sunday marked the unveiling of a very curious bust at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford,…
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In Memory; D-Day

I have spent some time today surfing and reading the D-Day memorials on blogs far and wide, and I know that I will never be as eloquent in my writing as some of the words I have read today.  Keeping that in mind, and also keeping in mind that Americans, (not politicians or the Pilgrims),  go to the farthest corners of the world to help oppressed people all the while spending our greatest resource; our military men and women, I am here to honor all those Americans that have fought and died to free others and to reaffirm my American…
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