A Message For ‘Occupy Wall Street’ From The Judge

A Message For ‘Occupy Wall Street’ From The Judge

The president’s class warfare nonsense is made to divide you. You are not poor because 10% are rich; you are poor because the federal government has taken up all the oxygen of success in the room. Capitalism didn’t make you poor; the LACK of capitalism did. – Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano lays out the actual history of the tea party and it’s co-opting by the republican establishment, Obama’s crony capitalism, the co-opting that is occurring right now to the Occupy Wall Street movement by labor unions and socialist groups that are in bed with Obama. He also gives the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ a list of demands that will move liberty and freedom forward and keep them from being ‘useful idiots’. (more…)

Judge Napolitano: ‘Free Market’ Explanation For Dummies

Judge Napolitano: ‘Free Market’ Explanation For Dummies

A free market is a system of exchange of goods and services that is free from government intervention or interference.

Judge Napolitano, during his 9.23.2011 ‘Plain Truth’ segment has taken the time to explain exactly what a ‘free market’ is, the ridiculous argument that our ‘free markets’ caused the recession, that there isn’t an industry in the US that IS NOT regulated by the government, that ‘capitalism’ and ‘free markets’ ARE NOT the same thing, and exactly what we have currently operating in our country; namely crony capitalism or corporatism where the government picks winners and losers. He also explains Karl Marx and Friedrich Hayek’s theories on who should control and regulate debt; namely the government vs. the free markets. I urge my readers and newbies passing through to watch the entire 5 minute video because you will actually learn something you did not know; I know I did. (more…)

Glenn Beck, 2.17.2010: The Fed Holds $5.1 Trillion In Our Debt

This is a highly entertaining show today, and I think Glenn must be on extra sugar because the screaming and dog barking sections are a riot – and Lord knows, we need to be laughing right now before the tsunamic crashes on top of our heads.  Glenn talks about fruit cellars, and I suggest you start networking with family and neighbors.

Glenn starts this show talking about the disgraceful stimulus package that is prolonging the agony that is our daily lives on the way to collapse.  Glenn has saved you chucking in your desk-side barf buckets with small, relevant clips of Bambi’s ridiculous speech on the stimulus package from this morning.  I still haven’t been able to watch the whole thing yet.  He speaks to the crony capitalism, and the big fat gorilla in the room, “saved jobs”.

He then talks about how China is now selling Treasuries and how they are now 3rd behind The Fed and Japan as debt holders. Only problem with The Fed owning $5.1 Trillion dollars of our debt is that our government has monetized our debt; NOT a good thing – look up Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe if you need more details.

Part 2, we will be paying the piper at some point:

Part 3, Where most people are (politically) according to Glenn. I am working on an opinion piece right now about Glenn’s opinion of us and the tea parties. I know folks, my email box is full from people bitchin about it right now.

Part 4, Must watch this segment:

Part 5, Utah and States’ Rights:

Part 6, States’ Rights:

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