Republicans Find Their Voice…Freakin’ Finally!!!!!!

I think the Republicans have heard the wake up call and are finally standing up even though the Democrat controlled Congress and White House are flipping them the bird.

Republican John Boehner on creating jobs (not saving jobs).  BTW, there is $347 BILLION DOLLARS IN INTEREST ON BAMBI’S STIMULUS BILL.  Just thought you might like to add $887 Billion and $347 Billion together….

and Eric Cantor:

and the Glenn Beck “The One Thing” from today 1-28 that I have been waiting for. You let me know if you think Glenn is wrong on his assessment.  As soon as I find a embedable vid, I will add it.

Our government, their banks and corporate buddies created all this debt and look where it got us. How is going even farther into debt and passing that debt on to at least 3 future generations going to get us out of this?

Answer: It’s Not!

The only way to shorten this recession and keep it from depression is to do THE HARD WORK of letting the idiot children fail, cutting taxes for everybody and not funding any PORK! Is it going to suck? Oh yeah, but only for a short time and our dollar will not collapse as a result of Martin Luther Lincoln’s “stimulus” (in all actuality “spending”) bill. How does funding ACORN help create jobs?

I have been screaming about the wolf at the door since last summer and it just keeps getting worse.  How do we make our “elected officials” do what we want them to do?  I guess firing all the sh**heads in 2010 while we are in the midst of a depression may send a message…




This is all you really need to know besides the idiot-children dems voted for it; Nancy Pelosi’s comments:

The massive recovery package has stirred consternation among Republicans who say their ideas are not being adequately considered. But Democrats have a comfortable majority in the House and stressed that fact in a talk with reporters.

“If there is somebody who is disgruntled, so be it. But we will have an overwhelming vote,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. She and more than a half-dozen other Democrats touted the bill and chided Republicans for pushing what they called the kind of failed policies that led to the economic crisis.

“The Republicans are talking about process. I think when you lose the argument on substance, on policy, what do you do? You talk about process and you talk about personality,” she said.

Meanwhile, House Republican leaders were standing firm in their opposition to the stimulus plan. Just ahead of the House vote, they  insisted that their own plan, focusing on tax relief, would create twice as many new jobs — 6.2 million — as the plan Obama is pushing, while costing about half as much.

Does not sound like Nazi Nancy is very open, welcoming, encompassing all ideas.  Actually, it sounds like Nancy is flipping the bird to all of the American people who know this spending bill is going to kill our economy, doesn’t it?

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