Anne Coulter At CPAC

A speech full of zingy one-liners.  Enjoy!

I might be in favor of national healthcare if it would require all democrats to get their heads examined.

Glenn Beck’s Keynote Speech At CPAC

Highly entertaining at some points, and interesting at others. “It’s sick when a chalkboard gets a standing ovation.” (BTW Glenn, thanks for catching up with the rest of us on Teddy Roosevelt.)

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Here’s the speech and it is a doozy!!!

Will wonders ever cease?  Ron Paul has won the 2010 CPAC Straw Poll with 31% of the vote.  Mitt Romney comes in second with 22%, and Sarah takes third with 7%.

Ron Paul’s time intersection with history is about to happen.

Entire poll documentation, here.

Chuck DeVore At CPAC (Opposing Barbara Boxer)

Chuck DeVore is one of the republican Senate candidates that is running to oppose Barbara Boxer in California. Chuck is a true constitutional conservative. Check out his issue positions, here.

Thaddeus McCotter At CPAC

For all those fans of Thaddeus McCotter who speaks eloquently about the conservative movement, and the GOP’s past mistakes.  He also points out how the Democratic Party is the “party of no”.

Actor and Director, Robert Davi introduced Mr. McCotter, video here.

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