The Consequences Of A Weak pResident; Americans Die

The Consequences Of A Weak pResident; Americans Die

On Tuesday, March 9th, a Mexican helicopter was flying over residential areas around Falcon Lake on the Texas side of the Rio Grande.

The sighting came amid ongoing fighting between the Gulf Cartel and its former enforcers, Los Zetas. The mounting death toll and crisis of fear in cities across from the Texas border have drawn global attention, as has a news blackout in affected cities due to the kidnappings of eight Mexican journalists, at least one of whom was killed.

As violence continued Thursday with a highway shootout in Tamaulipas, a Senate subcommittee in Washington heard testimony that drug cartels are trying to infiltrate U.S. agencies along the border, with corruption cases among Homeland Security personnel on the rise.

One would think that when a military helicopter from a neighboring nation is flying over your soil, you might just DO SOMETHING!  Did Washington do anything other than hear testimony on a related matter? Did the coward-in-chief do anything?  Is he doing anything now that Americans are DEAD  – besides state that he is “outraged” and pulling dependents of American personnel?  Do you think that some of our former presidents would have sat back after helicopters from another nation were flying over our soil, or American citizens working in our consulates were executed trying to get across the border?

The consequences of having the weakest pResident known to mankind is that the mexican drug cartels appear to have declared open season on Americans. Thanks Barack; though, unfortunately, we knew this was coming.  This is one reason that gun sales have increased so dramatically.  I am sensing yet another impeachable offense coming soon.

Story #1 from Reuters:

Mexico gunmen kill American consulate staff

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (Reuters) – Gunmen in the drug war-plagued Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez killed two Americans and a Mexican linked to the local U.S. consulate, an attack U.S. President Barack Obama said “outraged” him.

An American woman working at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez, just over the border from El Paso, Texas, and her U.S. husband were fatally shot by suspected drug gang hitmen in broad daylight on Saturday as they left a consulate social event, U.S. and Mexican officials told Reuters.

A Mexican man married to another consulate employee was killed around the same time in another part of the city after he and his wife left the same event, a U.S. official said.

The U.S. official, who asked not to be identified, said it was not clear if the victims had been specifically targeted, and the motive for the attacks was unknown.

Bloodshed has exploded in recent months in Ciudad Juarez as the head of the Juarez cartel, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, fights off a bloody offensive by Mexico’s No. 1 fugitive drug lord, Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, at the worst hotspot of Mexico’s three-year-old drug war.

“The president is deeply saddened and outraged by the news,” said White House National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer. He said Obama “shares in the outrage of the Mexican people at the murders of thousands in Ciudad Juarez and elsewhere in Mexico.”

The U.S. State Department updated its warning on travel to Mexico to say it had authorized the departure of dependents of U.S. government personnel from consulates in Ciudad Juarez and five other northern border cities.

Nearly 19,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon came to power in Mexico in late 2006 and launched a military assault on the country’s powerful drug cartels, sparking a surge in violence that has alarmed Washington, foreign investors and tourists.

Most victims are rival traffickers and police, and to a lesser extent soldiers, local officials and bystanders. It is rare for drug gang hitmen to target foreigners.

“The Mexican authorities are determined to clarify what happened and bring those responsible to justice,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry said of Saturday’s attacks.


The attack on the U.S. couple began with a car chase and ended in front of the main border crossing into El Paso, an area heavily patrolled by soldiers, local newspaper El Diario reported. The couple’s baby girl survived the attack.

The Mexican spouse was murdered in an upscale neighborhood of the city when gunmen boxed in his car with other vehicles and shot him, according to a local newspaper photographer who soon arrived at the scene. His wife, who was following in a second car, was unhurt, but their two children were wounded.

Story #2 from the LA Times:

In Mexico, 13 killed in Acapulco area, 11 others elsewhere in Guerrero

Five police officers are slain and the bullet-riddled bodies of eight men are found in Acapulco just as foreign tourists are arriving for spring break.

Reporting from Mexico City
At least 13 people were killed Saturday, some of them beheaded, around the popular beach resort of Acapulco, just as foreign visitors have begun arriving for spring break.

Elsewhere in the Guerrero state where Acapulco is located, 11 other people, including soldiers and suspected traffickers, were killed, authorities said.

The dead in Acapulco included five police officers, authorities said, who were ambushed while on patrol on the city’s outskirts about 2 a.m.

Over the next four hours, the bullet-riddled bodies of eight men were discovered in three locations, police said. Four had been beheaded, in the style typical of drug traffickers who have been at war with one another and with government forces for three years.

Obama (the coward who bows to world leaders and mayors AND who chokes in situations with Somali pirates) has ordered the dependents of American personnel out of six American consulates in Mexico. I am not holding my breath for any real action from that man we knew was going to BLINK.  Thank God Texas Is Texas!

From Dallas Morning News:

Obama condemns U.S. consulate killings in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Three people associated with the U.S. Consulate office in Ciudad Juárez were killed Saturday in the troubled city, prompting swift condemnation from President Barack Obama.

“The president is deeply saddened and outraged by the news of the brutal murders of three people associated with the United States Consulate General in Ciudad Juárez , Mexico,” White House National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said in a prepared statement, “including a U.S. citizen employee, her U.S. citizen husband, and the husband of a Mexican citizen employee.”

On Sunday, the U.S. State Department ordered the evacuation of dependents of U.S. personnel in six U.S. consulates in Mexico. The consulate offices are in Tijuana, Baja California, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros, Tamaulipas and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The order, according to the statement, will be lifted April 12.

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City also asked its employees to postpone any travel to the northern cities of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua.

Hammer said Obama “shares in the outrage of the Mexican people at the murders of thousands in Ciudad Juárez and elsewhere in Mexico.”

Mexican authorities in Ciudad Juárez said the two incidents took place separately and within minutes of each other Saturday afternoon.

More than 18,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon took power and vowed to restore order in key regions throughout Mexico, launching an army crackdown on traffickers in late 2006. More than 4,000 of the victims were killed in Ciudad Juárez , despite the presence of thousands of troops, federal agents, state and local police.

“He extends his condolences to the families and condemns these attacks on consular and diplomatic personnel serving at our foreign missions. In concert with Mexican authorities, we will work tirelessly to bring their killers to justice.”

Hammer said the United States would work with Calderon’s government “to break the power” of drug-trafficking organizations.

There are actually Americans still out there believing that Bahana Obama has raised our image around the world.  How deluded must one be to not realize that they are laughing at us on a daily basis.  Now it’s being translated into action on a daily basis.

Obama Postpones Capitol Meeting To Avoid Protesters?

Obama Postpones Capitol Meeting To Avoid Protesters?


Michele Bachmann and the Republicans’ “House Call” that drew thousands had the effect that I was expecting; Obama is planning on going to Walter Reed to avoid protesters on Friday, and  then twist some arms and create some tingles on Saturday, Chicago style, before the House vote that will establish 118 new government agencies to take away what is left of our freedom.

He is probably expecting the protesters to be gone by Saturday’s vote.  Now why would the Tea Party Patriots do that?

Good luck with that Mr. pResident.  If you do get this POS bill passed, 2010 is closer than you think and we WILL get it repealed.

Obama delays meeting with House Dems until Saturday

President Barack Obama will meet with House Democrats to discuss healthcare on Saturday, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has planned a vote on the measure.

A White House aide said the trip was postponed “to be closer to the vote.”

Obama had planned to meet with the group on Friday, but the White House schedule for the day, which came out late Thursday night, noted that the meeting has been moved to Saturday.

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden will make calls to House members from his home in Wilmington, Del. “about the need to pass health insurance reform,” according to Biden’s schedule.

That appears to be another cowardly maneuver.  I have never seen such a bunch of pantywaists hiding under their beds, afraid to talk to Americans.  Remember 9.12, when Obama had to mozy on out to Minnesota for his sycophants when somewhere around 2.1 MILLION Americans wanted to talk to him, and ask him to just please listen?  Oh, but I just had a stupid moment there, he is from Hawaii, and here in Hawaii, politicians believe that if a constituent did not vote for them, then that constituent’s opinion does not matter.  See Kelly Greenwell’s comment, My constituency knows me and they know what I stand for. When they elected me they got the whole package and they gave me the authority to do what needs to be done. If you voted for me you have to accept my position. If you did not I don’t owe you an explanation.” This coming from the guy that wants the Gitmo detainees free in Hawaii.

The delay from the White House comes after thousands of protesters marched on Capitol Hill on Thursday, demanding that lawmakers defeat the bill for myriad reasons.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday that Obama was not meeting with House Democrats because he was concerned about the vote count.

Remember, they mean exactly the opposite of what they say; in this case, it is ALL ABOUT concern over the House vote.

“No, his visit is a sign of trying to continue to make progress and get this done,” Gibbs said.

Obama is scheduled to leave Washington on Wednesday for an extended tour of Asia.

Instead of visiting Capitol Hill on Friday, Obama will make his first visit as president to Walter Reed Hospital to meet with wounded troops.

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?  Our nation is at war in two different theatres and this clown has NOT YET been to Walter Reed Hospital?  I was at Walter Reed to support the troops 2 days after I flew in for the 9.12 March, and I’m just an average citizen who does not currently know a single person in the military but I support them and show my gratitude and loyalty by being present.

My spousal unit keeps telling me that it isn’t fear on the administration’s part, it is the fact that they just do not care and could not be bothered.  Maybe he is right, and if he is, I see dark days ahead.

So What Happens When…..

Iran bombs Israel or the other way around? What happens when Russia goes after Ukraine, or Pakistan and India cannot control themselves? What happens if we are attacked again?  What happens when a scandal that the Dalai Bama and his team are actually implicated in occurs?

Obama’s Chief of Staff Delayed Going to Work Because of Media Stakeout

The president-elect’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said today he wouldn’t go to the Chicago presidential transition offices in order to avoid reporters trying to ask him whether he had contact with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich about the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama’s election.

A spokesman for Emanuel said he later showed up at the office, apparently able to sneak out of the house without being seen by reporters waiting to ask him questions.

Oh my freakin’ God!   Stop The Presses!  This is the soon to be Chief of Staff of the President and Leader of the Free World and he can’t go to work because he’s afraid of REPORTERS? Whazzup Rahm?  Hall Monitor gonna catch you?  I swear I’m back in high school with this whole group of people that are supposed to take over running our government.

Rahm, you are so screwed now dude.  You either look waaaayyyyy guilty or you look like a complete testicle free coward.  Which one is it….or is it both?

Somebody pass me another margarita – this is going to be a really long 4 years!  What else can I say?

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