Constitutional Eligibility

The Hunt For Proof Continues

Dr. Orly has been busy.  Here are bits and links to what is currently happening with "THE CASE".  An interesting theory is that everything that we are seeing is being shoved through because Bambi knows he does not have time.  Also, please make sure to go here and check out the video, "Obots In Search Of Change."  I couldn't stop laughing. "Lack of response by Obama administration is an act of treason" by Sgt. Brian Keith, USMC Fellow Americans, My name is SSgt Brian Keith. In the past I have let myself blindly believe that serving in the military was…
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The Snowball Is Getting Bigger! many more today, tomorrow...... Major General Says President's Eligibility Needs Proof 'Most Important', What I Really Want Is The Truth On the heels of two active duty members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq calling for President Obama to prove his eligibility to be president, a retired major general has agreed to join the case, saying he just wants "the truth." WND reported earlier when 1st Lt. Scott Easterling confirmed to California attorney Orly Taitz that he wanted to be a plaintiff in the legal action she is preparing on behalf of members of the U.S. military, both…
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Just A Little Reminder….

The Monster is down a rabbit hole right now....please leave a message.... In other news, I wanted to leave a little reminder for all the U.S. state governments, Global governments, U.S. and world oil companies, law firms, and all the others who shall remain anonymous, Barack Obama's Constitutional Eligibility to be president will continue to be questioned and lawsuits will continue to be brought until the correct plaintiff and verbage checkmates the Supreme Court justices into doing their job, and then the situation is going to become very interesting. Americans (in general) really, really, really, hate liars, thieves, and con…
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