Clinton/Meeks: Democrat Tries to Save Republican’s Senate Race (UPDATED: Crist Video)

According to, former president Bill Clinton brokered a deal requesting that Rep. Meeks drop out of the Florida Senate race in order to allow progressive Charlie Crist (R, I, P) an open pathway to winning that senate seat against Marco Rubio.  What won’t the progressives do to get one of their own inside the … Read more

Rubio Vs. Crist On FoxNews Sunday, 3.28.2010

Rubio’s 25 point (avg from RCP) smackdown of Charlie Crist is what happens when the country starts drinking tea and the Republicans keep acting like progressive Dems on steroids. Florida GOP Senate Candidates to Face Off on ‘Fox News Sunday’ The two Republicans battling in the nation’s mostly closely watched Senate primary contest will debate … Read more

Marco Rubio Receives Major Endorsement From Mike Pence

Marco Rubio is beating the tar out of Charlie Crist (49-37), and now he has a conservative heavy hitter backing him.  Mike Pence has endorsed Mr. Rubio’s candidacy for US Senate. Via Redstate BREAKING: Mike Pence Endorses Marco Rubio The steady drumbeat for Marco Rubio keeps going on and on. Today he is picking up … Read more

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