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Another Blockbuster Interview With JB Williams

Do Not Miss Tonight's Show which will cover a number of topics, including the kenyan birth certificate issue. CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS Mondays 8:00 PM EST(347) 202-0569 "The Dame Truth" & Drkate Welcome J.B. Williams Foremost Political Writer & Author of "A Constitution In Full Crisis" The Great “Uniter” Divides the Nation By JB Williams Sunday, August 2, 2009 The mystery messiah who was supposed to unite the nation and the world has managed to divide the nation more than at any time since the Civil War, and he’s just getting started! Two years into blocking all access to his birth, adoption, college…
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BLOCKBUSTER Radio Show Tonight With The Dame Truth

I know many of the readers here spend time on Canada Free Press and email  J.B. Williams' commentaries far and wide.  Tonight on The Dame Truth BlogTalkRadio (8PM EST) you will get a chance to hear from J.B. as The Dame does a blockbuster interview.  I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this knowledgeable and articulate man. For those of you that are new to Canada Free Press; try this post on for size. Do YOU Fear Obama? By JB Williams Friday, July 17, 2009 Since the most powerful people in America fear the wrath of Obamanation,…
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