Obama September Fundraising…Money For Nothing

Obama September Fundraising…Money For Nothing

For all of you that thought Colin Powell would make the smart choice and endorse McCain/Palin, what were you expecting?  90% of the black community is voting for Barack Obama, I expected Colin Powell to endorse Bambi and wait until the moment when he believed it would help Gumby the most.  Since I am not going to write a post about Colin Powell’s endorsement, you might be interested in a video about key black conservative leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece who are endorsing John McCain.  Go here.

This post is about Gumby’s fundraising for September, $150 Million; yeah, you heard that right, $150 Million.  But from who and where did all this cash come from.  I still do not believe that the record amounts of cash came from totally legal sources, and I am SURE that more than a few Americans smell a Chicago Rat.  When there is this much money involved, there is always an unseen agenda.  After fighting for democracy for so long, I am starting to wonder if “Socialism” is a red herring for something else.  But back to the point at hand….

Here is what the NY Times has to say:

Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announced on Sunday that it had raised more than $150 million in September, a record-shattering amount underscoring again the unprecedented amounts of money he has attracted.


The full details of how the Obama campaign raised its money in September will not be available until Monday, when it files its official report with the Federal Election Commission. But a separate filing by the campaign’s joint fund-raising committee with the Democratic National Committee, the Obama Victory Fund, underscores that Mr. Obama has also been powered by major donors as well.

Mr. Obama’s joint fund-raising committee, which can take in checks of more than $30,000 that is divvied up between the campaign and the D.N.C., collected $69 million in September. The fund funneled $32 million in September to the Obama campaign’s coffers and $26.5 million to the D.N.C.snip

McCain finance officials and other campaign-finance experts had anticipated that the R.N.C.’s stockpile of cash and strong fund-raising, along with the $84 million Mr. McCain received in public financing, would be enough to at least stay within range of the Obama fund-raising juggernaut. The R.N.C. finished August with $76 million in the bank, along with another $18 million transferred to it by the McCain campaign. But the Obama campaign has been outspending the McCain campaign by 4 to 1 on television, according to Campaign Media Analysis Group, which analyzes ad spending. The R.N.C. is limited to spending about $19 million in coordination with the McCain campaign but can spend unlimited amounts independently. Even with the R.N.C.’s independent expenditures factored in, the Obama campaign is still outspending Mr. McCain by 3 ½ to 1, according to CMAG.

Coupled with his appeals over the Internet, Mr. Obama has maintained an aggressive high-dollar fund-raising schedule. Just last week, 10 hours after he left the stage of the final presidential debate, he arrived at a morning fund-raiser at the Metropolitan Club in New York in which more than 120 people paid $30,800 each to hear him speak.

More than 600 people wrote checks of $25,000 or more to the Obama Victory Fund in September, including the actresses Melanie Griffith and Rita Wilson; Orlando Magic basketball star Dwight Howard; Andrea Jung, the chief executive of Avon; Gregory Brown, the president of the telecommunications giant Motorola; and Charles E. Phillips Jr., the president of the software company Oracle.

So of course, this begs a few statements and questions….

  1. The Obama camp must be worried if they are releasing this information ahead of the FEC.
  2. Obama needs the big names and the corporations to fund his socialist agenda.
  3. According to Real Clear Politics this morning, Obama is +5.3 points ahead of McCain.  Well within the margin of error if you include the Bradley effect.
  4. If the Obama camp is outspending McCain 3 to 1, and outraising the McCain camp a bazillion to 1, why isn’t Gumby 20 points ahead?
  5. Maybe in America, socialists cannot buy the election?
  6. The Obamas are spending alot of money and time trying to trade up to a house they do not deserve. Has anyone been able to list off the accomplishments Obama has achieved that actually did the American public any good?
  7. Are Americans paying for this?  I could actually feed my family for two weeks for this amount of $.  H/T to Shtuey over at Oh…My Valve!!!  The Real Fraud:

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