AYFKM?: Natomas, CA Nurse Going To Homes Of Unvaccinated Children

AYFKM?: Natomas, CA Nurse Going To Homes Of Unvaccinated Children

And the hits just keep on coming…Next up in the Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Awards for today would be the Natomas (Sacramento), California School District sending out the district student services director, Heyman Matlock and a nurse to immunize children for whooping cough at their homes (and track down truant children to boot.)

The best part?  California parents are allowed by another state law to opt out of vaccinations.   ABC News10 has left that particular piece of information out of their report.

California Nurse Tracks Down Unvaccinated Students & Homeschoolers (more…)

Doug Zerby; Latest American To Be Executed By Police

Doug Zerby; Latest American To Be Executed By Police

(Editor’s Note: If there are any ‘normal’ police officers left that would do the Monster an immense honor by giving an interview on police training techniques that are currently being taught that treat every corporate-owned moo as a criminal first and an American citizen (and human being) second; please get in touch with me using the ‘Contact Page’ on the top of the blog page.)

35 year old, Long Beach resident, Doug Zerby was shot to death on Sunday evening by police when they received a 911 call from a neighbor who believed Zerby to be armed. Mr. Zerby was holding a water nozzle and appears to have been watering his friend’s lawn while waiting for the friend to return home.  The Long Beach police department considered Zerby’s hand movements to be provocative and opened fire without issuing any orders to Mr. Zerby.

He at least deserved to be told,”put your hands where we can see them, place the object down, ya know, two seconds of conversing”. – Eden Marie Biele (Doug Zerby’s sister)

Water Nozzle held by Doug Zerby

Long Beach Police Murder un-armed 35 year old LB man for watering friends lawn Belmont Shores LBPD

Seattle Riot Police, WTO, December 1999

Police Raids To S.510: The Battle Over Food Safety Begins

Police Raids To S.510: The Battle Over Food Safety Begins

The American General Public

Nothing surprises me anymore; nothing.  I had to stop writing the ‘Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?‘ articles because the depth and breadth of the under-the-radar fascist takeover of America is almost complete.  The globalists have the Federal Reserve Mafia, Obamacare, Codex Alimentarius, nationalized industries (etc.), and now they want to push through S. 510 to make the moos safe from themselves to give Big Agra an even bigger boost than just allowing them to run freakin’ wild and pollute the world with genetically modified organisms.

When it comes to the actions of the four armed policemen in the following video, I want to know when the military and law enforcement are going to remember their oaths to the Constitution and stop acting like the Gestapo when treating every single American, their pets, and their frakkin’ produce like criminals?  WHEN?

Raw-food raid highlights a hunger

Some people balk at restrictions on selling unprocessed milk and other foods. ‘How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?’ one says. Regulators say the rules exist for safety and fairness.

July 25, 2010|By P.J. Huffstutter, Los Angeles Times

With no warning one weekday morning, investigators entered an organic grocery with a search warrant and ordered the hemp-clad workers to put down their buckets of mashed coconut cream and to step away from the nuts.

Then, guns drawn, four officers fanned out across Rawesome Foods in Venice. Skirting past the arugula and peering under crates of zucchini, they found the raid’s target inside a walk-in refrigerator: unmarked jugs of raw milk.

A very large number of Americans are awake, and events like this are no longer shocking because the moos are aware. We know Obamacare is meant to cripple American taxpayers by making current revenue streams to the government even larger through the IRS and the new taxes being levied.  We know that Obamacare is a population control mechanism, and we know that police raiding a private co-op over raw milk has a beginning; H.R. 2749, Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, passed by the House on July 30, 2009.  It appears that  H.R. 759: Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2009 had a bit too out-in-the-open name so Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) came up with something new.

The end will be S. 510, FDA Food Safety Modernization Act which is currently sitting in the House Subcommittee for Homeland Security (gotta love that!) with a price tag of $825 BILLION for fiscal year 2010. I have been watching this bill since I became aware of it last fall, and, from all reports, it will effect every single home gardener in America (if we allow it).  Do I hear a chorus of moos?


Next Up; Chuck DeVore In California Senate Primary Race

Next Up; Chuck DeVore In California Senate Primary Race

For your consideration; Chuck DeVore, republican candidate for Senate is the most conservative candidate among the republican primary field in California.  Glenn Beck will be interviewing Chuck on Monday’s program, and I will be posting that show.  I look forward to comments about Mr. DeVore from LM’s California readers.

Mr. DeVore on the issues.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Who will bailout the taxpayers?
By Chuck DeVore
Monday, September 22, 2008 at 5:50pm

One trillion dollars and counting – about $3,300 in new debt for every person in America – this is the price of bailing out Wall Street, we are told by our leaders.

I’m not buying it.  Since when was it my responsibility to clean up someone else’s financial mistakes?  Is it now my job, as a taxpayer, to assume risk in all situations, whether it’s to rebuild coastal cities in hurricane-prone areas, pay farmers for crop damage, or help someone stay in a house they cannot afford that they bought with a risky loan that should not have been made backed up by my tax dollars?

America was built on the free market with its attendant risk and reward.  Our leaders appear intent on replacing the risk portion of that formula with regulation, debt, and taxation.  Instead of “risk and reward” we’ll have “reward failure” and America will be the poorer for it – much poorer.

That this current mess started with government-created and taxpayer-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is telling.  Even more telling is that Fannie Mae’s former CEO, Franklin Delano Raines (”FDR,” how appropriate), settled civil charges for $25 million that he illegally overstated Fannie Mae’s earnings by more than $7 billion resulting in his getting multi-million dollar bonuses.  Not surprising that FDR served Bill Clinton as White House budget director from 1996 to 1998.  Also not surprising is that the Washington Post reported in July that FDR was advising Barack Obama on “mortgage and housing policy matters.”

It’s not like we didn’t see this crisis coming.  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Fannie Mae of overstating earnings almost four years ago now, then initiated a civil complaint more than two years ago – showing the world that SEC Chairman Chris Cox was doing his job long before Washington, D.C. took serious notice.

The problem in this current crisis is not a lack of regulation.  Rather, it is that our government encouraged bad loans backed up with our tax money.  The whole subprime fiasco had its roots in leftwing complaints about the mortgage industry’s so-called “redlining.”  Banks refusal to lend to people with bad credit, a poor employment history, and low earnings looked to liberals an awful lot like banks refusing to lend to minorities.  Hence, the subprime market was born – then, when financial institutions saw how much money they could make on these risky loans, they went wild – pushing the housing market into overdrive as homeownership rates hit all-time highs.  In the end, millions of people who, with a real assessment of risk, would have remained renters, qualified for loans.

Now the bidding war has commenced in Washington, with Democrats insisting that any bailout of mortgage tycoons and financial bosses get larded up with billions more for homeowners in over their heads.

Heck, with our politicians wanting to assume all risk I think I should buy a 15-bedroom mansion sitting on a 500-acre sugar plantation outside of New Orleans.  Then when a hurricane hits I can get federal relief for my ruined crop, my damaged house, and my defaulting loan. After all, why should I take the hit on a risky failure when my fellow taxpayers are there to help me?

More Americans Leaving California; Lana Zwygart’s Exit Interview

More Americans Leaving California; Lana Zwygart’s Exit Interview

Progressives in Sacramento and Washington have told American citizens in California that they really don’t give a hoot about the average legal citizen, and many are answering the call to pick up their roots and leave the state for other parts of America where speaking english is as natural as the sun rising in the east.

Here is Lana Zwygart’s story, and back in the early ’90s, I was stunned while visiting relatives in a rather nice community in LA and finding that everything was written in spanish and no one spoke english.

Exit Interview

Businesswoman Lana Zwygart decided that placing her son in a crowded high school, where many students do not speak English, was simply not an option. Rather than pay the high tuition costs of a private school, Zwygart decided it was time to move her family and her company out of California.

Her story is the story of middle class Californians and business owners that have simply had enough of the declining quality of life and no longer have any faith that Sacramento and Washington will act to secure the border and protect American citizens.

(H/T Rob)

Video Response To Comments:

6.5 Earthquake Off Northern California


Earthquake Details

Location40.674°N, 124.655°W
Depth16.4 km (10.2 miles)
  • 35 km (22 miles) WNW (288°) from Ferndale, CA
  • 39 km (24 miles) W (261°) from Humboldt Hill, CA
  • 41 km (26 miles) WSW (256°) from Bayview, CA
  • 43 km (27 miles) WSW (253°) from Eureka, CA
  • 361 km (224 miles) NW (312°) from Sacramento, CA
Location Uncertaintyhorizontal +/- 0.7 km (0.4 miles); depth +/- 1.1 km (0.7 miles)
ParametersNph= 99, Dmin=35 km, Rmss=0.36 sec, Gp=212°,
M-type=regional moment magnitude (Mw), Version=4
Event IDnc71338066

No current Tsunami Watch for Hawaii.

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