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Catherine Austin Fitts On The Dangers Of A 401(k) In This Economic Climate

Catherine Austin Fitts on Financial Survival Radio (1.16.2011) on why her money is NOT in a 401(k) and how the federal government is salivating over yours. I have written extensively about the government seizing your 401(k), (and the leftist think tank behind it), and using the last $8 trillion in American's wealth to keep the ponzi scheme going. Check the related links at the bottom of the post. Solari Report; Proposals For Annuitization: By David Liechty October 13, 2010 Download a PDF version of this article Introduction Over the past few years, various proposals for annuitization of 401(k) and IRA…
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America’s Economic Collapse: An Intricate Web of Money, Power and Political Agendas, Part 4

Did you really think this series was going to end at Part 3?  Y'all know what happens when the Monster starts digging, and from the type of visitors I have been seeing lately, I must be hitting a very large nerve....go here for the first 3 parts, (and a very special welcome to Lehman Bros.) At the end of Part 3, I stated: In the next article in the series, (if you can stand it), we will explore James P. Warburg, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Brookings Institute, Institute For Policy Studies, The United Nations, and whatever else rears…
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