The Dame, Dissent, And JB Williams Tonight

Remember fellow patriot DissentFromDayOne’s video, “It Ain’t (America) No More” which has gone completely viral from Breitbart to WND?

Remember patriot JB Williams?

Knowing it and Stopping it are Two Different Things – Obama’s Assault on America

Based upon the thousands of American citizens taking to the streets at Tea Parties and Town Hall’s across the country, in protest to the outright theft of their nation by far left extremists now in control of all three branches of the Fed, I’d say it’s safe to assume that the American people are finally awake…

But knowing what’s going on and stopping it are two very different things. Being willing to act and being committed to winning at any cost are also two very different things.

American citizens are finally awake and they are beginning to take action against the greatest threat to American freedom and liberty ever known to American citizens. But are they as committed to winning, to stopping the destruction of their

country, as Obamanation is to completing their assault on all things American?

As the old saying goes, it’s not always the size of the man in the fight that determines the outcome of the fight. Often, it is the size of the fight in the man…

Well, our new rising star, The Dame, is interviewing both of these patriots tonight on “The Dame Truth” on Blogtalk Radio at 8pm easternDo not miss it, as it looks to be one of those blockbuster interviews that only The Dame and JB can put forward, (AND you will hear the very humble Dissent who has been completely floored with the almost 279,000 views of his little vid.)  Make sure to wave to all the “guests” in the room…

Come Join The Monster On Blogtalk Radio

Come Join The Monster On Blogtalk Radio

Please join the Dames, Pat Dollard and myself on Blogtalk Radio this afternoon/evening as we review what is happening in our country, why, and how we can affect a different outcome.


The Dame Truth

Monday Nights at 8 PM EST
Join the Dames as we welcome the A-Team of the Movement to take back our country, restore the republic, and get the truth out, a show at a time: Organizer, filmmaker, blogger and radio host Extraordinaire Pat Dollard of ACCDF/ACTIVE  and , and Researcher and blogger Extraordinaire, Logistics Monster as they tell you WHAT’S going on,  WHAT to do about it, WHY you need to get ACTIVE with ACCDF, and HOW you can do it!   It is now time for the Issue to be Joined, and these brilliant, committed Patriots will tell us how to maximize our  effectiveness with solid plans and solutions as we pull together as Americans to make our voices heard once again.


No, this is not another series like “Riddles”, but it IS all about the riddles and the very interesting visitors I have had since the beginning of this little blog.

Central Park of “Kicking Back With Central Park” has asked me to do a radio interview covering the puzzles, riddles, and the importance of paying attention, following your gut, and asking the “right questions” when something seems out of the ordinary.  So mark your calenders for this Saturday, February 21st at 11pm eastern.  I am hoping my loyal readers will wish to join Central and I as we discuss the puzzles, and I look forward to your questions.  The call in number is (646) 727-3807.

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