AYFKM?: Another President From Texas (UPDATE: Perry To Run)

The last two presidents from Texas Did.Not.Do.Enough.Damage? And now Texas GOP operatives are pushing Perry to run for the republican nomination because you stupid moos aren’t happy with the choices they have given you up to this point.


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Bob Chapman, 6.17.2011: Greece, Depression, Global Government, And Telling The Bankers To Take A Hike

Bob Chapman on the Alex Jones show, 6.17.2011, speaking about the coming collapse due to Europe’s ‘Lehman’ moment with the economic turmoil that Greece’s economy is creating in the eurozone, how Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase have been going in and out of Greece bidding for infrastructure, and how the Bilderbergers are now on the run after the protests in St Moritz last week.

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Catherine Austin Fitts, 6.16.2011: Watch For Congress To Move After Bohemian Grove Signals

Alex Jones interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts on the economy, the upcoming ground invasion of Libya, and what we as Americans can do to protect ourselves from the collapse of a ‘terribly perverted’ system. ┬áCatherine also states that though the Bilderberg group meeting was important, for us folks in North America, the upcoming Bohemian Grove meeting during the end of July will be much more crucial, including any decisions made on the debt ceiling and the upcoming budget.

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Bilderberg Makes It Happen (What Else Are We Right About?)

…and what are we prepared to do about it? From PrisonPlanet.com Former Nato Secretary-General Admits Bilderberg Sets Global Policy Despite debunkers attempting to claim otherwise, Bilderberg illegally sets the consensus on policies that are subsequently enacted worldwide Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, June 7, 2010 Former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes has … Read more

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