Bailout Bill


Pay Attention To This Video And This Congressman - then read the rest! How about this for a XMAS present?  Ya'all might want to check this out and get with the Congressman.  This is definitely a scaled down version of my idea of giving every American $250,000 as economic stimulus, but it works for me. U.S. Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) came out with a press release back on November 28th titled: (my emphasis added) Convert Paulson's Last $350B into Tax Holiday, says U.S. Congressman "Billions of Dollars for Taxpayers, but Not One More Penny for Executive Bailouts" WASHINGTON, D.C. -…
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Stop Bitching About McCain’s $300B Plan Unless You Can Do Better

For a second time (Hillary was the first), a politician stands up and comes up with an innovative plan to help America's citizens that were defrauded by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and both the right and the left want to bitch about it and give John McCain grief about it?  Stop complaining about another $300 Billion; it's not!  It is part of the $700Billion that Paulson wants to give to the banks. Has it gone over everyone's heads that this is not and never shall be the normal election cycle and that it has been 2 years of up…
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How America Feels About Wall Street

I picked this photo up off of Christmas Ghost.  I am once again pointing out that conservatives are not fire breathing dragons, and do share some PUMA goals.  I want to know why our Congress and White House are talking to the likes of Paulson, when in fact we should be talking to the most successful CFOs in the country about what to do.  Stop taking advice from the folks that created and perpetrated this economic disaster. This is exactly how I feel, and probably how numerous Americans feel about those Fannie and Freddie execs, the dems behind the meltdown,…
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