Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner

Today's Idiot Child! Jennifer Brunner

Today's Idiot Child

200,000.   200,000.   200,000.  Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  I’m sitting here watching Barack Obama (Gumby) get his ass handed to him by Joe the Plumber via John McCain and what do I come across on the web?

The Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner (D) is being forced by the court to cough up mismatched voter registrations to the tune of 200,000 voters.  (Wow, that’s alot of fake people.  I wonder if Minnie is in there?)

Brunner: I’ll obey court order, but thousands could lose their right to vote. (Thousands of what…and I thought you were an state officer and had to comply with court orders….so obeying shouldn’t be a choice, dimwit.)

COLUMBUS — More than 200,000 Ohioans who registered to vote this year for the first time or updated their voting information since Jan. 1 could be affected by the latest court ruling requiring the state to set up a new registration verification system by Friday, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said.

Brunner said she would comply with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling late Tuesday but said she is deeply concerned that the decision is a veiled attempt at disenfranchising voters. (doublespeak for I really want the dead and their dead pets to be able to vote too.)


Since Jan. 1, Ohio has 666,000 newly registered or updated voters — all of whom fall under scrutiny by this latest court ruling. Brunner said an initial review found that at least 200,000 of them might have mismatched information. Once the office identifies all of the mismatched voters, Brunner will send the list to the county boards of election where the individuals have registered.

But state Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett said Brunner’s decision to not implement the verification system sooner without the court forcing her to do so has cost county boards of election valuable time reining in examples of fraud.

“Unfortunately, her delay in providing this matching system leaves little time for election officials to act on questionable registrations,” Bennett said in a statement. “Secretary Brunner should immediately issue a new directive providing clear guidance on how the boards should handle the mismatched voter data.”

Between the secretary’s office and the county boards, Brunner said, efforts will be made to notify the voters of the discrepancy and urge them to update their information. Brunner will also follow that up with a directive to the counties urging them not to force people to vote provisionally. She said that could set up yet another Republican challenge, but that federal law does not require a person with mismatched information to vote provisionally, as opposed to getting a regular ballot.

We have 20 days of watching the ACORN Voter Registration Fraud unravel and take Bambi, and the rest of the socialist dems with them.

3 Awards – 2 Freaks of Nature

Today we have the trifecta of awards: Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?, Hele On! and the Barack Obama Award For Outstanding Arrogance to two stalwart individuals connected to Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Today’s AYRKM? Award goes to former teacher John Freshwater of Mount Vernon, Ohio for branding his middle school students with an electrostatic device in the shape of a cross and then expecting everyone to agree with him when he told them that the shape was really an X.

Mr. Freshwater is getting this award because his actions have completely bypassed whatever brain he may have in that he is supposed to be teaching, encouraging, inspiring and protecting his students; not inflicting physical, emotion and mental pain.

Also to be noted, Mr. Freshwater has been teaching his Christian principles inside his public school classroom. What part of Public Classroom is this guy not getting? Okay, after 12 years in private catholic schools with penguins, I fully understand the separation of church and state. Obviously, he does not.

The next award is the Barack Obama Award For Outstanding Arrogance and it is being awarded to a friend of Mr. Freshwater. Dave Daubenmire’s quote is below:

“The Columbus Dispatch says it couldn’t reach Freshwater or his attorney. A friend spoke out in his defense. “With the exception of the cross-burning episode … I believe John Freshwater is teaching the values of the parents in the Mount Vernon school district,’’ Dave Daubenmire says, according to the Dispatch.”

Dave….Dave?…..DAVE!!!! What makes you think that Johnny boy is teaching the values of the parents of the Mount Vernon school district? Have you had visions, has John? Did you two drink the koolaid and now you know everything that everybody thinks and feels? You get the arrogance award for that!

Mr. Freshwater is also receiving the HELE ON Award for appealing the decision of the school board to fire him; (even though, in my opinion, his actions amount to abuse). No wrongdoing John? Hele On John!!

“The teacher’s lawyer, Kelly Hamilton, said Mr Freshwater denied any wrongdoing and would appeal against the decision.”

What a couple of very special human beings these two are. They received 3 awards between the two of them! Oscar or Emmy next? Stay tuned…..


This award is going to Barbara Walters on The View today when she asked Michelle Obama whether or not she wears pantyhose?

Excuse me? Pardon me? WTF!!!! Who gives a flying supersecretsquirrel’s bushy little tail? WHO?

Don’t we have more important things to do Ladies? I do believe this is the reason that today’s The View was only the second time I have watched this pathetic show. Don’t know how to respond or talk about “strong women”? ….no wonder, if all we see on TV is this drivel.

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