Today’s AYFKM? Award; The White House AGAIN!

I absolutely have to give credit where credit is due; Barack Obama has the standing Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award for a continuation and growth of unconstitutional government.

Today, right on the heels of his “I need to grovel at the feet of the Middle Eastern Muslims as their slave” speech, the White House announces a new czar, which by the way, is completely unconstitutional; but I digress.

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration plans to appoint a “Special Master for Compensation” to ensure that companies receiving federal bailout funds are abiding by executive-pay guidelines, according to people familiar with the matter.

The administration is expected to name Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw the federal government’s compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to act as a pay czar for the Treasury Department, these people said.

Mr. Feinberg’s appointment could be announced as early as next week, when the administration is expected to release executive-compensation guidelines for firms receiving aid from the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. Those companies, which include banks, insurers and auto makers, are subject to a host of compensation restrictions imposed by the Bush and Obama administrations and by Congress.

Anybody still thinking that this is Change We Can Believe In?  Anybody still thinking that this is socialism?  Does anybody think Selim I is going to stop with TARP recipients? Does anybody think that when he bails out the newspapers they are going to become anything other than the Pravda of USSR fame?

UPDATE: 7.9.09:  Barack Obama has appointed 31 czars as of today.  Go here for the list – and continuing updates.

UPDATE: 7.23.09: At some point in the last few weeks, Wiki has scrubbed their Czar page of the separate sections assigned to each president.  Go here for the first 28 czars.  I will update this post when I find that last howevermany?

1. Herb Allison- TARP Czar
2. Alan Bersin- Border Czar
3. Dennis Blair- Intelligence Czar
4. John Brennan- Terrorism Czar
5. Carol Browner- Energy Czar
6. Adolfo Carrion, Jr- Urban Affairs Czar
7. Ashton Carter- Weapons Czar
8. Aneesh Chopra- Technology Czar
9. Jeffrey Crowley- AIDS Czar
10. Cameron Davis- Great Lakes Czar
11. Nancy-Ann DeParle- Health Czar
12. Earl Devaney- Stimulus Accountability Czar
13. Joshua DuBois- Faith-based Czar
14. Kenneth Feinberg- Pay Czar
15. Danny Fried- Guantanamo Closure Czar
16. J. Scott Gration- Sudan Czar
17. Richard Holbrooke- Afghanistan Czar
18. John Holdren- Science Czar
19. Van Jones Green- Jobs Czar
20. Gil Kerlikowske- Drug Czar
21. Vivek Kundra- Information Czar
22. George Mitchell- Mideast Peace Czar
23. Ed Montgomery- Car Czar
24. Dennis Ross- Mideast Policy Czar
25. Gary Samore- WMD Czar
26. Todd Stern- Climate Czar
27. Cass Sunstein- Regulatory Czar
28. Paul Volcker- Economic Czar
29. Farah Pandith – Muslim Czar
30. Lynn Rosengthal – Domestic Violence Czar
31. Jeffrey Zients – Government Performance Czar
32.  ??????? – CyberSecurity Czar

Glenn Beck, 6.09.09
Part 1:

Part 2: (Pay Attention to Charles Payne in this video)

Today’s AYFKM? Award;

goes to this website,; a grassroots effort (?) that wishes to end the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution that prohibits the president from running for a third term.  It seems that they are aware that Non-Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) has already got their back with H.J. Res. 5 and are trying to drum up support for this POS Resolution.

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

This is my favorite quote from End22:

Historically, attempts at running for three terms have been unsuccessful, this is further indication that the American People are capable of making the choice of what is best for our country.

I am wondering if they would be supporting this if it was a Republican President?

…and the hits just keep coming.

Today’s AYFKM? Award…

….goes to one BIG INVASION OF PRIVACY: The 2009 American Community Survey by the US Census.

The 2010 Census has not even started yet and we have an amazing amount of b*llsh*t happening surrounding the census what with our front doors be GPSed so that god-knows-who will know exactly where everybody is, to this next piece of insanity in the campaign against America.  Does anybody in the Beltway ever stop to think whether this is Constitutional, Morally Right, or just plain Bad Manners?  Nope.Did.Not.Think.So.  They’ve all been raised in a barn.

Big Brother asks: ‘Do you have a flush toilet?’
Mandatory Census survey inquires about citizens’ difficulty undressing, bathing.

The federal government is forcing 3 million Americans to disclose sensitive, information about finances, health and lifestyle in a 14-page survey – including questions about availability of household flush toilets and difficulty with undressing and bathing.

The 2009 American Community Survey, an annual supplement
to the decennial Census, asks about residents’ personal relationships and whether a home has hot and cold running water, a flush toilet, bathing facilities, and phone services. It also asks how many rooms are in a home and what vehicles are used at each household.

The new questionnaire asks respondents what they pay for electricity, gas, water and sewer every month and whether residents receive food stamps.

Question 16 asks, “About how much do you think this house and lot, apartment, or mobile home would sell for if it were for sale?”

Respondents are required to disclose costs associated with rent or mortgage, annual real estate taxes on and fire, hazard and flood insurance expenses.

For each person in the household, the questionnaire asks for citizenship status, education level, whether that person attends private or public schools. It also features questions about health coverage, hearing and vision impairment and physical, mental or emotional conditions.

It asks if residents “have difficulty dressing or bathing” or “doing errands alone such as visiting a doctor’s office or shopping” or whether they have difficulty making decisions. Respondents must indicate if they have served in the military, their current marital status and whether they have been married or given birth to children in the last 12 months. The Census Bureau claims its question is used as a “measure of fertility” and is used to “carry out various programs required by statute, including … conducting research for voluntary family planning programs.”

The letter asks where residents worked last week and whether they drove a car, rode a bus, subway railroad, ferryboat, taxicab or bicycle to get there. It then asks what time they left for work and how long their commute lasted.

Respondents are also required to disclose their place of employment, duties and income.

While many recipients may consider the questionnaire to be tedious and meddling, the Census Bureau warns that citizens are required by law to complete it and may be fined as much as $5,000 for willfully refusing. While an individual may feel uneasy about answering each question truthfully, the fine for filing false information can be as much as $500. (emphasis added)

The Census Bureau estimates that the form takes an average of 38 minutes for each household to complete.

While the U.S. Constitution allows Americans to be counted for purposes of taxation and political representation, Jim Harper, a privacy expert at the Cato Institute, told the New York Post the survey is “a classic example of mission creep over the decades – this constitutional need to literally count how many noses are in the United States has turned into a vast data-collection operation.” (emphasis added)

Rep. Ron Paul blasted the government for spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” on the survey and called the questionnaire “insulting” in his Texas Straight Talk column.

“The questions are both ludicrous and insulting,” he wrote. “The survey asks, for instance, how many bathrooms you have in your house, how many miles you drive to work, how many days you were sick last year, and whether you have trouble getting up stairs. It goes on and on, mixing inane questions with highly detailed inquiries about your financial affairs. One can only imagine the countless malevolent ways our federal bureaucrats could use this information. At the very least the survey will be used to dole out pork, which is reason enough to oppose it.”

Paul continued, “The founders never authorized the federal government to continuously survey the American people. More importantly, they never envisioned a nation where the people would roll over and submit to every government demand. The American Community Survey is patently offensive to all Americans who still embody that fundamental American virtue, namely a healthy mistrust of government. “

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes to Alan Grayson

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes to Alan Grayson

Dork? You Decide...

Dork? You Decide...

Today’s AYFKM? Award goes to Non-Representative Alan Grayson (DPSP* – FL) for coming up with the idea, and actually putting a bill forward that mandates paid vacation for workers at companies with 100 or more employees.

Yes, you read that right. The hamsters on crack in the house have jumped on the “mandate everything about the private sector whether it is constitutional or not” bandwagon.  As soon as I find an actual bill number, I will let you know. The bill, H.R. 2564, is here. Take a gander at the excerpt, and then the monster’s response at what we should actually do.

Remember, this is coming from another Harvard educated attorney and member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus; you should know what that means by now.

Alan Grayson to introduce Paid Vacation Act

Rep. Alan Grayson was standing in the middle of Disney World when it hit him: What Americans really need is a week of paid vacation.

So on Thursday, the Florida Democrat will introduce the Paid Vacation Act — legislation that would be the first to make paid vacation time a requirement under federal law.

The bill would require companies with more than 100 employees to offer a week of paid vacation for both full-time and part-time employees after they’ve put in a year on the job. Three years after the effective date of the law, those same companies would be required to provide two weeks of paid vacation, and companies with 50 or more employees would have to provide one week.

The idea: More vacation will stimulate the economy through fewer sick days, better productivity and happier employees.

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, 28 million Americans — or about a quarter of the work force — don’t get any paid vacation. The center says that a lack of vacation causes stress and workplace burnout and that those evil twins cost the economy more than $300 billion each year.

One more if-you’re-reading-this-then-you’re-probably-not-on-vacation fact: The United States is dead last among 21 industrial countries when it comes to mandatory R&R.

France currently requires employers to provide 30 days of paid leave.

And how’s that working out for France, their economy, and their protestors?

Not surprisingly, some in the travel industry are salivating over Grayson’s bill; Grayson spokesman Todd Jurkowski said the U.S. Tour Operators Association and the Adventure Travel Trade Association are both on board. Other tourism and labor groups are expected to sign on in the coming days.

The U.S. Travel Association has not yet endorsed the measure, but Senior Vice President Geoff Freeman says Congress does need to consider new ways to stimulate the vacation industry and travel economy.

So far, no group has come out in opposition of the bill. Nor has anyone announced opposition to roller coaster rides, cookouts on the beach or salt-water taffy on the boardwalk.

I am not a group but I am completely opposed to this bill and not because I am a mean, blackhearted, capitalist either.  I receive a week of paid vacation that I can never use because that money needs to go to pay for other things besides taking trips because the cost of living just keeps going up because of more and more debt being racked up by the Republicans and the Democrats.

The Society for Human Resource Management issued a statement Wednesday warning that “a one-size-fits-all, government-imposed mandate is not the answer.”

Because of the 50- and 100-employee thresholds, most small businesses wouldn’t be directly affected by the bill immediately. But the National Small Business Association warned of indirect consequences; companies might artificially hold their hiring at the 50-to-100-employee level to avoid the costs of paid vacation time.

The bill also could have a negative impact on manufacturers already bracing for higher costs that could be associated with the climate-change legislation working its way through the House.

Can anyone show me where in the Constitution it states that the federal government can mandate another private sector issue?  Please do not use any of the other previous mandates as precedent, due to the fact that they are as unconstitutional as this crap.  Anybody?  Anybody?

Free enterprise dictates that companies who provide excellent benefit packages, usually get the best employees and have the lowest turnover creating just one component of a successful business that provides for it’s owners, employees, and shareholders.  Crappy companies and business owners that treat their employees like slaves usually do not last.

This bill is just one more way to strangle the free enterprise entrepreneurial spirit of America and demoralize the average American through SHEER STUPIDITY; no malice intended.

I have a better idea to put more money into our pockets and free time with our families:

  • Get rid of the Federal Reserve that prints our money and then charges us interest to use our money = more money in our wallets.
  • Get rid of the IRS and the Federal Income tax which is soaking average Americans and the businesses they are trying to grow.  Institute a percentage of state income taxes that are sent onto the feds to cover elements that actually do cover state borders – like the military, etc. = more money in our wallets and state sovereignty.
  • Fire the Democratic Progressive Socialist Congress that thinks it knows better than we about how to spend our money! = more money in our wallets.
  • Rollback every single measure that has been passed by the Federal Government that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  I am sure there will be quite a bit of savings there = more money in our wallets.

I have quite a few more ideas, but I think I will leave it at that.

*Democratic Progressive Socialist Party

Today’s AYFKM? Award: The Federal Reserve…

…for not being able, even using red crayon math, to account for $9 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!

Is there any continuing doubt that the Federal Reserve System that was “ensconced”  as the trustees of our economic stability back in 1913 by the NY Bankers should be COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY dismantled WITH a Constitutional Amendment against a central bank system EVER being instituted again?

Video: Federal Reserve Cannot Account for $9 Trillion

The Federal Reserve apparently can’t account for $9 trillion in off-balance sheet transactions.

When Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) asked Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman of the Federal Reserve some very basic questions about where the trillions of dollars that have come from the Fed’s expanded balance sheet, the IG didn’t know.

Worse, nobody at the Fed seems to have any idea what the losses on its $2 trillion portfolio really are.

“I am shocked to find out that nobody at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of anything,” Grayson says.

Grayson asked Coleman if her agency had done any research into the decision not to save Lehman Brothers, which “sent shockwaves through the entire financial system,” Coleman said it had not.

“What about the $1 trillion plus expansion of the Federal reserve’s balance sheet since last September?” Grayson asked.

“We have different connotations,” Coleman replied. “We’re actually conducting a fairly high-level review of the various lending facilities collectively.”

Translation: Nobody at the Fed knows where the money went.

Do you know what who got the $1 trillion or more in the Fed’s expansion of its balance, Grayson pressed.

“I do not know. We have not looked at this specific area at the particular point on that specific review,” Coleman answer.

What about the trillions of off-balance transactions since last September, Grayson asked.

Coleman demurred again, saying the IG does not have jurisdiction to audit the Federal Reserve.

Grayson pointed out that it was the inspector general’s job to audit such spending and asked again if the office had done any investigation at all.

Coleman’s answer: Not enough yet to even respond. “We are in not a position to say if there losses.”

Grayson concluded, “I am shocked to find out that nobody at the Federal Reserve, including the inspector general, is keeping track of this.”

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the bank is working on ways to rein in the massive balance sheet commitments.

“A majority of the members who made these projections just recently took 2 percent as being an appropriate number” for inflation, Bernanke said Monday.

“Somewhere between 1-1/2 to 2 percent is basically the number that our committee has individually stated is the appropriate medium-term inflation rate.

“To achieve that we need to demonstrate that we will be able to exit from the balance sheet position that we currently have, and have been working on this intensively,” Bernanke said in response to questions after a speech to a conference organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, reported by Reuters.

BBBBWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At this point, laughing is all I can do because I sure ain’t sleeping!

Today’s AYFKM? Award: Hawaii Islam Day

I can already imagine the email I will be receiving after this hits the net…

Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award goes to my state senate for passing “Islam Day” to be observed on September 24th, 2009 at a time when we are at war with Islamic Jihadists.

H/T to Atlas Shrugs for paying more attention to the state in which I reside than I do; probably because it doesn’t make one iota of difference what a few sane individuals think here.  “We gotta vote for Obama, he’s a local boy.”  Remember, this is the state that wants to establish it’s own sovereignty independent of the United States as a Hawaiian Nation with no military and an unarmed populace, (by design), that will lickety split become the territory of Japan, China, or Sweden (who already has a stake in this island chain).  A few of my closer associates already know that I am shopping for a new state to live in, and I am sure the locals will be happy to see me go.

From FoxNews (Politics):

Hawaii Lawmakers Pass Bill to Create ‘Islam Day’

HONOLULU — Hawaii’s state Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday to celebrate “Islam Day” — over the objections of a few lawmakers who said they didn’t want to honor a religion connected to Sept. 11, 2001.

The Senate’s two Republicans argued that a minority of Islamic extremists have killed many innocents in terrorist attacks.

“I recall radical Islamists around the world cheering the horrors of 9/11. That is the day all civilized people of all religions should remember,” said Republican Sen. Fred Hemmings to the applause of more than 100 people gathered in the Senate to oppose a separate issue — same-sex civil unions.

The resolution to proclaim Sept. 24, 2009, as Islam Day passed the Senate on a 22-3 vote. It had previously passed the House and now goes to Republican Gov. Linda Lingle.

The bill seeks to recognize “the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions” that Islam and the Islamic world have made. It does not call for any spending or organized celebration of Islam Day.

“We are a state of tolerance. We understand that people have different beliefs,” said Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat. “We may not all agree on every single item and issue out there, but to say and highlight the negativity of the Islamic people is an insult to the majority” of believers “who are good law-abiding citizens of the world.”

The second AYFKM? Award goes to Senator Will Espero, who I swear must be portagee for his comment above.  I am not a local hawaiian, even though I am now considered kaimaina, and I will state unequivocally that Hawaii is NOT a state of tolerance; far from it. From the first week that I lived here when local hawaiian women were spitting on my 3 year old and myself because of our white skin and red hair, to being called a haole bitch almost daily, to the continued stink eye and frowns I receive every time I walk into a bank or grocery store, Hawaii is NOT about tolerance or embracing different cultures.  It is just more words with totally opposite actions.   A great day in Hawaii is a day that I do not have to cross paths with a local, and put up with the reverse racism that goes with it.  (And people wonder why I try to keep my identity under the radar.)

My last comment is rather a question; how much did Bambi’s travels here have to do with this occurring?


P.S. I wonder how this is going to affect our economically downtrodden tourism?


WHEREAS, Hawaii is known for the wealth of its cultural and
religious diversity and the harmony with which people of many
cultures and religions live together; and

WHEREAS, Muslims constitute an ethnically diverse part of
Hawaii’s cultural fabric, with around 3,000 practicing members; and

WHEREAS, the Prophet Mohammad left his house to migrate to
Madinah and reached Quba in the vicinity of Madinah on the 12th day of Rabi ul-Awwal according to the lunar calendar, or
September 24th according to the Gregorian calendar, thereby
marking the birth of Islam; and

WHEREAS, Islam, a religion with a long and noble history,
is the second largest religion in the world, with over one
billion followers spread across every continent, and including members of many nations and cultures; and

WHEREAS, the Islamic world preserved and made original
contributions to works of science and philosophy during the
Middle Ages when these disciplines were threatened by bigotry
and prejudice in other parts of the world; and

WHEREAS, Islamic artists, scientists, and philosophers have
a rich history of contribution to world literature and our
collective scientific understanding; and

WHEREAS, the Islamic faith shares common teachings found in
the texts of both Christianity and Judaism, whose followers are
respected and considered “People of the Book”; and
HCR100 HD1 HMS 2009-3797

Page 2 H.C.R. NO. 100
WHEREAS, Islamic doctrine encourages generosity in its
adherents, maintaining that those who possess much have a
responsibility to care for those in need; and

WHEREAS, Islam, along with its monotheistic counterparts,
holds that peace is a divine quality and necessary for
collective human happiness; and

WHEREAS, Islam strives for a world-wide community which, in
the words of one Islamic poet philosopher, “does not recognize
the superficial differences of race, or history, or
nationality”; and

WHEREAS, the United States and countries of the Islamic
world hold in common many beliefs and values including concepts
of world community and’mutual responsibility; and

WHEREAS, international understanding and peace, as well as
understanding and peace in our local communities, are
strengthened by free and open communications among everyone representing various cultural and religious traditions; and

WHEREAS, the 96th United States Congress officially
M recognized the noble qualities of Islam in a concurrent
resolution on October 15, 1979 (SCR 43), honoring the religion’s 14th centennial; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the
Twenty-fifth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session
of 2009, the Senate concurring, that September 24, 2009, shall
be known as “Islam Day” to recognize the rich religious,
scientific, cultural, and artistic contributions Islam and the
Islamic world have made since their founding; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this
Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to Hawaii’s congressional
delegation, the Governor, and the Board of the Muslim
~ Association of Hawaii.
HCR100 HD1 HMS 2009-3797

Fascists Patrolling The Internet; Cass Sunstein and Jay Rockefeller

Fascists Patrolling The Internet; Cass Sunstein and Jay Rockefeller


Cass Sunstein

I was wrong; Today’s AYFKM? Award goes to Cass Sunstein for wanting to not only interfere with Free Speech, but regulate Free Will.

From World Net Daily:

U.S. regulatory czar nominee wants Net ‘Fairness Doctrine’

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s nominee for “regulatory czar” has advocated a “Fairness Doctrine” for the Internet that would require opposing opinions be linked and also has suggested angry e-mails should be prevented from being sent by technology that would require a 24-hour cooling off period.

The revelations about Cass Sunstein, Obama’s friend from the University of Chicago Law School and nominee to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, come in a new book by Brad O’Leary, “Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech.” OIRA will oversee regulation throughout the U.S. government.

Sunstein also has argued in his prolific literary works that the Internet is anti-democratic because of the way users can filter out information of their own choosing.

“A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government,” he wrote. “Democratic efforts to reduce the resulting problems ought not be rejected in freedom’s name.” (Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?)

Sunstein first proposed the notion of imposing mandatory “electronic sidewalks” for the Net. These “sidewalks” would display links to opposing viewpoints. Adam Thierer, senior fellow and director of the Center for Digital Media Freedom at the Progress and Freedom Center, has characterized the proposal as “The Fairness Doctrine for the Internet.”

Bambi’s take on Sunstein?

“As one of America’s leading constitutional scholars, Cass Sunstein has distinguished himself in a range of fields, including administrative law and policy, environmental law, and behavioral economics,” said Obama at his nomination of his regulatory czar. “He is uniquely qualified to lead my administration’s regulatory reform agenda at this crucial stage in our history. Cass is not only a valued adviser, he is a dear friend and I am proud to have him on my team.”

O’Leary disagrees.

“It’s hard to imagine President Obama nominating a more dangerous candidate for regulatory czar than Cass Sunstein,” he says. “Not only is Sunstein an animal-rights radical, but he also seems to have a serious problem with our First Amendment rights. Sunstein has advocated everything from regulating the content of personal e-mail communications, to forcing nonprofit groups to publish information on their websites that is counter to their beliefs and mission. Of course, none of this should be surprising from a man who has said that ‘limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.’ If it were up to Obama and Sunstein, everything we read online – right down to our personal e-mail communications – would have to be inspected and approved by the federal government.”

Make sure you do a fly-by on WND and read about the “Civility Check” idea about holding angry emails, and don’t forget about Jay Rockefeller’s S773 and S778 which are both currently in committee.

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes to Arlen Specter…

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes to Arlen Specter…

Specter…for being such a chickensh*t liar that he is switching parties from Republican to Democrat.  He says that his beliefs are more in line with the Democrats now, but it really looks like he just wants to continue his 29 year run in the Senate using obot voters after amassing a 5.8 million warchest of contributions from Republicans.  Good luck with that Arlen; there is going to be alot of surprised politicians on both sides of the isle in 2010 (or sooner).

From AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Veteran Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania disclosed plans Tuesday to switch parties, a move intended to boost his chances of winning re-election next year that also will push Democrats within one seat of a 60-vote filibuster-resistant majority.

“I now find my political philosophy more in line with Democrats than Republicans,” Specter said in a statement posted on a Web site devoted to Pennsylvania politics and confirmed by his office. Several Senate officials said a formal announcement was expected later in the day or Wednesday

President Barack Obama called Specter almost immediately after he was informed of the decision to say the Democratic Party was “thrilled to have you,” according to a White House official.

Specter, 79 and in his fifth term, is one of a handful of Republican moderates remaining in Congress in a party now dominated by conservatives. Several officials said secret talks that preceded his decision reached into the White House, involving both Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden, a longtime colleague in the Senate. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell as well as Democratic leaders in Congress also were involved, added the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose details.

He has publicly acknowledged in recent months that in order to win a sixth term, he would need the support of thousands of Pennsylvania Republicans who sided with Obama in last fall’s presidential election.

“I am unwilling to have my twenty-nine year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate,” he said in the statement.

Asked by a reporter what he had to say to his constituents, Specter replied with a smile, “I don’t have to say anything to them. They said it to me.”

Today’s AYFKM? Award: While The US Declares A Public Health Emergency, The President Golfs

This would be Today’s AYFKM? Award going to the Usurper-In-Charge who just loves to hate America!

Did anyone here think that he would actually be paying attention to the country during a time of crisis? I know I am a sick puppy after the last 2 years of dealing with Bambi, because I cannot stop laughing!

From the AP:

US declares public health emergency for swine flu

WASHINGTON – The U.S. declared a public health emergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu, much like the government does to prepare for approaching hurricanes.

Officials reported 20 U.S. cases of swine flu in five states so far, with the latest in Ohio and New York. Unlike in Mexico where the same strain appears to be killing dozens of people, cases in the United State have been mild — and U.S. health authorities can’t yet explain why.

“As we continue to look for cases, we are going to see a broader spectrum of disease,” predicted Dr. Richard Besser, acting chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We’re going to see more severe disease in this country.”

At a White House news conference, Besser and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sought to assure Americans that health officials are taking all appropriate steps to minimize the impact of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Bush III is golfing:

Obama gets in a round of golf on a sunny morning

ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. – President Barack Obama took advantage of the summer conditions in Washington on Sunday to play a round of golf for the first time since taking office.

His motorcade left the White House at midmorning Sunday for the course at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Obama arrived at the course wearing sunglasses, a cream-colored baseball cap, short-sleeved shirt and khaki shorts. He shook hands with a few other golfers and waved to other onlookers before stepping into a golf cart driven by the course’s general manager, Mike Thomas.

Joining the president were Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and presidential aide Marvin Nicholson.

The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base is a popular destination for presidents because of its proximity to the White House and the security it offers on a military base. Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush all played there.


Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Janeane Garofalo

What a surprise is in store for Janeane from all of us racist, mentally disfunctional, illiterate, sub-prime intellect, Klan members who know nothing about history.

That’s the second time this week I and my spousal unit have been called a racist, and I predict it will not be the last time.  Massively funny, considering he is a Native American.  I am thinking that Janeane’s career is on hold and she is looking for some face time to get it back on track.  How many of you think that Janeane knows about the Pilgrims Society or Jekyll Island?

Enjoy this video; don’t get your panties in a bunch though.  This is a perfect example of what I stated yesterday; the anti-tea party people are in the bottom half of the class.  The United States is in trouble because of the 47% (including Janeane) that think that socialism is perfectly A-okay.  The most ironic moment comes when I think about everything the tea party attendees are doing to save Janeane’s right to free speech…

P.S. Janeane? I have been an indie voter for 25 years.

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