“Crash The Tea Party” (What Took Them So Long?)(UPDATED)

(Editor's Note: I am assuming this is a leftist idea since there is nothing else on the page to identify anything about the organization.  We know how they like to hide...) The arrogance of the left knows no bounds.  I did not originally cover the "Crash The Tea Parties" post from the anarchist website, InfoShop News (no longer found on the page titled "Crash The Tea Parties"), as did other sites because I only have so much time to write, the left is unbelievably arrogant, and it takes them so freakin' long to catch up because of their arrogance.............until this…
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Pelosi Thinks Democrats Are Deaf And Dumb

This harkens back to the astroturf video on Tax Day, 4.15.2009 when Nancy stated: What we are doing is investing in the future. What they want is a continuation of the failed economic policies of President George Bush which got us into the situation we are in now. What we want now is a new direction. In fact, in the president's new initiative, in the recovery and in the budget, 95% of the American people get a tax cut. This is a tax cut for the great middle class. This initiative (Tea Parties) is funded by the high-end. We call…
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