“Crash The Tea Party” (What Took Them So Long?)(UPDATED)

“Crash The Tea Party” (What Took Them So Long?)(UPDATED)

(Editor’s Note: I am assuming this is a leftist idea since there is nothing else on the page to identify anything about the organization.  We know how they like to hide…)

The arrogance of the left knows no bounds.  I did not originally cover the “Crash The Tea Parties” post from the anarchist website, InfoShop News (no longer found on the page titled “Crash The Tea Parties”), as did other sites because I only have so much time to write, the left is unbelievably arrogant, and it takes them so freakin’ long to catch up because of their arrogance………….until this morning.

A new site has hit the web, and it’s birth shows the power of the Tea Party Movement.  It’s all good to be a political protester and verbally dissent unless, of course, you are a right-wing, racist, homophobe, moron that makes up the fake grassroots movement call the Tea Parties.  Something about that sentence just does not make sense but I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it’s the ‘fake grassroots’ part.  If the millions of Tea Party Patriots are so fake, why does the left feel the need to start a CrashTheTeaParty site?

Once again, the left is a day late and way too many grey cells short.  At this point, nothing the progressives can do will stop the steamroller of average, everyday Americans who have stood up and said ‘ENOUGH!’ because the tipping point for those Americans still on the fence was reached last week when the Dems labeled Tea Party Patriots as violent, racist, extremists.  (A little secret for the left; Americans really, really, really, REALLY, hate liars.)

The left's answer.

Good Luck with That...

UPDATE: 4.9.2010(PM)
I am never one to just click on links unless I’m pretty sure I know where I am going to end up. That being said, I DID NOT click on the “crash” link on the site, and was reprimanded mightily by a commenter:

Just Celebrity News

If you’d bothered to go the crashtheparty.org site and click on ‘Crash’, you go to a forum that clearly reflects liberal-bashing and TEA-party sarcasm. It’s not a legitimate leftist site, and appears to be formulated for the purpose of ridiculing the criticism of TEA party bad actors. By fronting a false site and claiming to be planning nefarious activities, the TEA Party can then claim any racist or violent behavior by its members was actually the work of provocateurs and point to this site as evidence. (emphasis mine)

I have no idea what Just Celebrity News is on, but I did go over and further investigate, and am now convinced that it is a leftist organization. I’m not giving away the reasons why I believe this because my readers and tea party patriots will understand as soon as they see these screenshots. These are the epitome of the paradigm rift.  Lefties – you can spend some time trying to figure it out, or you can just get the hell out of the way while we clean up your mess.  This reminds me so much of that ObamaForum we saw earlier last year.

forum threads

forum opening page

Teabagger's - No One Is Threatened by you

Why Birthers are so stupid

Obama's School Records

Pelosi Thinks Democrats Are Deaf And Dumb

Pelosi Thinks Democrats Are Deaf And Dumb

This harkens back to the astroturf video on Tax Day, 4.15.2009 when Nancy stated:

What we are doing is investing in the future. What they want is a continuation of the failed economic policies of President George Bush which got us into the situation we are in now. What we want now is a new direction. In fact, in the president’s new initiative, in the recovery and in the budget, 95% of the American people get a tax cut. This is a tax cut for the great middle class. This initiative (Tea Parties) is funded by the high-end. We call it astroturf. It’s not really a grassroots movement…to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich, instead of for the great middle class.

High End Astroturfers in DC - 9.12.09

Fast forward to today and think about what she said; an astroturf movement to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich.  2.1 Million Americans showed up in Washington, D.C. on 9.12.09 to protest this government’s socialist direction.  Who exactly is getting those tax cuts?  Average Americans or Andy Stern’s unions?

Now, a desperate Pelosi want democrats to believe that the Tea Party Movement is some type of fringe, freak, low-number group funded by the big guys, instead of those same democrats believing what they see, read, and hear.

Pelosi: Claims about GOP midterm momentum are ‘hype and hyperbole’

Republican claims about increased momentum for this year’s midterm elections are just “hype and hyperbole,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed Friday.

In a fundraising e-mail to Democratic supporters, Pelosi said that the Democratic agenda is moving the country forward and the Democrats toward victory this fall.

“Republicans are in full-blown ‘spin mode’ attacking the president and claiming he has lost support,” she wrote. “But that is just hype and hyperbole. You and I know better — together we are moving America forward.”Pelosi’s claims come as Republicans and Democrats have begun the beginning of this election year sparring over which party is in worse condition. The e-mail was circulated by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Any senator or congressman that has a track record of financing big government, and limiting liberty is going to be getting the boot in November.  Be warned.

For those that haven’t checked it out yet, there is a gallery of photos that I am still adding images to from the DC March on 9.12.09.  Take a moment and enjoy watching American Patriots do their thing.

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