ROUND TWO Of The Mortgage Reset Game = Foreclosure

DingDingDingDingDingDing!!!! ROUND TWO!! Still think that the government is not trying to suck every last penny out of your pocket, leave you without property under your feet, and place you in a position of serfdom?  Then why did they do everything in their power to prop up the veneer of solvency for the banks and NOT put a floor under the housing market? There is still a trillion dollars in unreported losses floating around out there. It's been how long since they knew the subprime mortgages were resetting, and that the housing market was imploding? Still think that Obama, his…
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America Is In Recovery: Chapter 7 Bankruptcies Up 42%

Like a large percentage of the population, math was the enemy as a child.  As I have gotten older though, I have seen the beauty of how the numbers do not lie, only the way they are presented. We have been told that although unemployment is at 10% and foreclosures are rising, our economy is in recovery.  We know, on a instinctual level, that we are being lied to because the numbers do not add up.  More red crayon math coming out of the District of Criminals. From WSJ: Personal Bankruptcy Filings Rising Fast Overall, personal bankruptcy filings hit 1.41…
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